SBI Iki-Iki Short-Short-School The 5th “SBI Iki-Iki Short-Short Soccer School in Ofunato” will be held for the first time in 3 years! ~Supporting areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake together with Kawasaki Frontale ~

SBI Insurance Group
[SBI Iki-Iki Short-Short-School] The 5th “SBI Iki-Iki Short-Short Soccer School in Ofunato” will be held for the first time in 3 years! ~Supporting areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake together with Kawasaki Frontale~

SBI Ikiiki SSI Insurance Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Mitsuyoshi Niimura; hereinafter referred to as the “SBI”), with the cooperation of the J1 League Kawasaki Frontale, is targeting children in Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture. “SBI Ikiiki Short-Short Soccer Class in Ofunato” was held. It will be the fifth time this year, and the first time in three years due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection.
*We are an official partner of Kawasaki Frontale.
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 Our company developed the learning support activity “Terakoya Iki-Iki Generation”, which was started in Ofunato City in 2012 to support the disaster areas in eastern Japan, and since 2016, we have been holding “Soccer Classes in Ofunato” as support through sports. There were 94 entries from elementary and junior high school students in the city, and soccer instruction was given by Kawasaki Frontale schools and popularization coaches.
The children were seriously engaged in teaching soccer techniques, which are more difficult than usual. At the end of each section, there was a rock-paper-scissors tournament where you could win uniforms signed by Kawasaki Frontale players.
Overview of the 5th “SBI Iki Iki Short-School Soccer Class in Ofunato” [Date] October 25, 2022 (Tuesday) Part 1 17: 00-18: 00 / Part 2 18: 15-17: 30 [Venue] Akasaki Ground, Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture
[Cooperation] Kawasaki Frontale (2 coaches for school and popularization) [Support] Ofunato City, Ofunato City Board of Education, Ofunato Sports Association
[Details] Soccer class (total of 70 participants), Kawasaki Frontale fun rock-paper-scissors tournament
State of the event
-Part 1: 1st grade to 5th grade-
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-Part 2: 6th grade elementary school to 3rd grade junior high school- [Image 7d98438-71-db8d6ac8e67a3f4704fa-1.jpg&s3=98438-71-9f46078bb8c0b108020dfcc8881fef5f-1462x824.jpg

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Participant comments
Participant (3rd year junior high school student)
It wasn’t a practice that I usually do, but it was a high-level practice and I felt it was a little difficult. I was able to learn once again how to pack one-on-one defense. I would like to apply what I learned today in my soccer so that I can make good decisions when I am attacking, such as when I am attacking, and when I am trying to get past the opponents.
Kawasaki Frontale Coach (Takahiro Ogawa, general coach of the school and extension department)
My impression is that the children were honest and positively accepted what we were trying to say. The kids were trying to absorb a lot. I have been participating every time since 2016, so I was happy to see a child who had participated in elementary school become a junior high school student, and because it continues, I can meet again. I want you to take advantage of what you have absorbed today in your future soccer activities.
Our company’s past efforts to support areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake
■ Support for Terakoya lively generation (2012-2015)
In 2012, we began supporting the learning of children in the disaster-stricken areas, who will lead the future, and have made donations to learning support activities for junior high school students in Ofunato City.
More than 200 study sessions have been held at public halls and other venues, with a cumulative total of more than 1,000 junior high school students participating.
■ Sponsorship of Tokyo Campus Tour (2014-2016)
Sponsored the “Tokyo Campus Tour” (sponsored by the Funbaro Iwate Project), in which high school and junior high school students from Ofunato City visit universities and our company in Tokyo.
■SBI Iki Iki Junior Soccer School in Ofunato (2016-)
Hoping for the healthy growth of children through sports, the event was held with the cooperation of J1 League Kawasaki Frontale, with the support of Ofunato City, Ofunato City Board of Education, and Ofunato City Sports Association.
▼About our social contribution activities
【Company Profile】
Company name: SBI Ikiiki Small Amount Short Term Insurance Co., Ltd. Location: 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment: July 3, 2007
Capital: 36,000 thousand yen
Business description: Small amount and short term insurance business Company Introduction: We are a group company of “SBI Holdings Co., Ltd.” listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market. We develop and provide insurance products that meet the needs of our customers, such as “simple and easy to understand” and “affordable insurance premiums.” Death insurance and medical insurance are supported mainly by seniors, and pet insurance is widely supported by owners who are concerned about illness or injury of dogs and cats. We support everyone’s lives with earthquake compensation insurance in case of an earthquake.
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