Scandinavian wooden doll brand “(R) Nordika nisse” x mold-cutting Baum specialty store “Katanukiya” Int roducing a mold-cutting Baum with a perfect Christmas mood

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Scandinavian wooden doll brand “(R) Nordika nisse” x mold-cutting Baum specialty store “Katanukiya” Introducing a mold-cutting Baum with a perfect Christmas mood

“(R)Nordika nisse” is a wooden doll brand with the motif of Nisse (*), a Nordic fairy who brings happiness. That warm and cute world has become a Baumkuchen that you can eat while cutting out the mold. Don’t miss this collaboration, which will be delivered only during the Christmas season!
[Image 1

What is die-cutting Baum?
I drew a lovely illustration on a flat-baked Baumkuchen with an egg white canvas. There are cut lines around the edges of the pattern, and you can cut out the pattern by gently removing the surrounding fabric. It is a sweet that combines cuteness, fun to mold, and deliciousness. Japan’s first Nordika nisse has become a sweet
Nordica Nisse are very cute with slightly different facial expressions and playful poses. All dolls are truly one-of-a-kind, as they are made from natural materials and handcrafted one by one by craftsmen. Such Nordica Nisse is expressed in illustrations drawn by the designer who works on Panda Baum. In cooperation with Nordika design company in the home country, we finished it as a mold-less Baum.
* Nisse: A small fairy that has been handed down from ancient times in Northern Europe Norway and Denmark. It is said that happiness will come to the house where Nisse lives, and it has been loved in Scandinavia for a long time.
Nisse is kind, mischievous, and a hard worker. At Christmas, I go out to help Santa. To that town, to that town… Busy with presents! Such Nisse became Baum without a mold. Enjoy while making the mold. [Image 2

Nordica Nisse Molded Baum (Strawberry) [Goodbye Santa]
Strawberry flavor with a gorgeous scent and a slightly sweet and sour taste. [Image 3

Nordica Nisse Molded Baum (Milk) [Santa with Presents]
Milk flavor with full sweetness and milk scent.
[Image 4

Nordica Nisse Molded Baum (Salted Caramel) [Santa on a Sleigh] Caramel flavor that brings out the sweetness with a little salt. ■ Product name: Nordica Nisse’s Molded Baum
[Good Santa / Santa with presents / Santa on a sleigh] Price: 594 yen each (tax included)
We also have a set of 3. The simple red color is perfect for the Christmas mood. The sleeve is decorated with the (R) Nordika nisse logo, and the nisses can be seen cutely through the round-cut window. [Image 5

[Image 6

■ Product name: Nordica Nisse mold-cutting Baum set (3 pieces) Price: 1,782 yen (tax included)

[Sales Information]
Scheduled to be released in advance at Katanukiya Ginza main store and official online shop from November 14th
■ Katanukiya Ginza Main Store (1-4-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
■ Katanukiya Official Online Shop

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