School Corporation Shinshu Otani Gakuen Otani University Graduates donate more than 5,300 meals! “Tani University Student Support Project 2022” Otani University “Student Support Material Presentation Ceremony” Held

Shinshu Otani Academy Otani University
Alumni donate more than 5,300 meals! “Tani University Student Support Project 2022” Otani University “Student Support Material Presentation Ceremony” Held
-Graduates talk to students about their feelings, saying, “In addition to the corona wreck, the rush to raise prices, and the local specialties make student life a little more enjoyable.”

Otani University (located in Kita-ku, Kyoto, President: Makoto Ichiraku) is a student who is in need due to the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, as well as the impact of soaring raw material prices and price increases such as food due to the rapid depreciation of the yen. In order to support the school, we
implemented the “Tani University Student Support Project 2022” calling for the provision of instant food and retort food. was held on As a result of calling for the provision of food from October 2022, we received warm support from alumni association members who are graduates of Otani University, with over 5,300 meals. At the presentation ceremony, Professor Joumi Higashidate (Chairman of Otani University Alumni Association/Professor of Otani University), a graduate of our university, and Masato Kanda (2nd year, Faculty of Letters), Deputy Chairman of the Central Executive Committee, represented the current students. Executive Committee Chairperson Natsumi Yoshimi (2nd year, Faculty of Education) took the stage to talk about her thoughts on support and the current state of student life. Professor Higashidate gave a passionate message to the students of his alma mater, saying, “I would be happy if you could enjoy your student life even a little through the price increase rush and local specialties in addition to the corona wreck.”
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More than 5,300 meals to support current students A graduate says, “I wish I could help even a little with local specialties…”
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At the presentation ceremony, in addition to Professor Joumi Higashidate, who is also a graduate of the university, Mr. Masato Kanda, deputy chairman of the Central Executive Committee, and Mr. Natsumi Yoshimi, chairman of the school festival executive committee, took the stage as student representatives. Mr. Yoshimi expressed his gratitude, saying, “My student life hasn’t gone as planned, but I’m really grateful to have the support of my seniors like this.” In addition, Mr. Kanda talked about the reality of student life, saying, “In addition to the corona disaster, life is becoming more difficult due to the impact of soaring prices.” ” and showed a positive feeling towards the support from the graduates. From Professor Todate, “Through local specialties, even a little bit of good memories of student life. I would be happy if I could. ”, and the specialty of his hometown of Iwate Prefecture, “Canned Sava”
announced that it had donated
President of the Otani University Alumni Association Professor Todate Houmi Greeting
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At the beginning, a greeting was given by Professor Shomi Higashidate (Chairman of Otani University Alumni Association/Professor of this university), who is a graduate of this university. He explained the implementation background and efforts of the “Tani University Student Support Project 2022”, which is in its third year. Mr. Higashidate commented, “Through this project, I would like you to take care of your health and help make the most out of your student life.” In addition, “I am truly grateful for the food items sent by many alumni and people with whom I have connections. I would be very happy if you could accept it.”, expressing his enthusiasm for this project. Otani University Alumni x Current Students Talk
Current student Masato Kanda says, “I have a limited amount of money that I can use for my monthly living expenses, and I’m struggling to make ends meet every day.”
clarification of the situation
In a cross-talk, Professor Joumi Higashidate, a graduate of the university, and Natsumi Yoshimi, chairman of the school festival executive committee, shared their thoughts on student support. Mr. Yoshimi revealed that the current situation did not go as planned, saying, “Over the past few years, our school festivals have become smaller, making it difficult for us to interact with parents and the local community.” Next, he expressed his gratitude to the graduates, saying, “Because of this situation, I am very grateful that my seniors are supporting me through local specialties.”
In addition, during the question and answer session after the photo session, Mr. Kanda clarified the current situation of student life. “My friend, who lives alone, is having a hard time making ends meet because the amount of money she can spend each month is limited due to high prices.” I told them the reality of the situation. In addition, he said, “I can’t easily go on a trip due to the continuing corona wreck.” It makes me feel good.” I expressed my gratitude.
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■ “Strength of intergenerational ties leads to strength of support” Bonds between alumni and current students!
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At the end of the event, Professor Higashidate spoke about the bond between alumni and current students, saying, “The strength of intergenerational ties is reflected in the strength of support such as this project.” I once again conveyed to the current students that I am actively working on student support. In addition, he commented, “I want to make sure that I can take care of myself even in the midst of adversity.”
Implementation overview
Date and time: November 10, 2022 (Thursday) 16:00-16:30 (15:30-press reception starts)
■ Venue Otani University Kyoto/Headquarters Campus Jingenkan 1F Alumni Lounge (Koyama Kazusa-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto 603-8143)
■ Speaker: Professor Shoken Higashidate, President of Otani University Alumni Association
Deputy Chairman of the Central Executive Committee Yuto Karita Natsumi Yoshimi, Chairman of the School Festival Executive Committee ■Contents Greetings from the host / Greetings / Presentation ceremony / Speakers’ talk session / Photo session / Closing remarks
About “Tani University Student Support Project 2022”
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From the second half of 2020, when the new coronavirus spread, the university received support from the education supporters’ association and the alumni association, and provided students with lunch (450 yen) and rice bowl (360 yen) at the school cafeteria for 200 yen each. We are focusing on student support projects such as Furthermore, we are cooperating with the Otani University Alumni Association to provide further support to students who are unable to find part-time jobs due to the rising prices of raw materials, the rapid depreciation of the yen, and the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Originally, we are implementing the “Tani University Student Support Project” to call on 80 alumni association regional chapters and alumni across the country to provide foods that can be stored at room temperature for a long time, such as instant foods and retort foods. This year marks the 3rd year of this project, and this year we expanded the target to include beverages and confectionery, and when we called for cooperation, more than 5,300 meals were delivered. We will cooperate with the student council to distribute the donated food to as many students as possible and distribute it on Saturday, November 12th during the school festival.
*Please contact the PR secretariat for requests for coverage and official images on the day.
About Otani University
[Image 7d103810-6-ac6ec6a7c3a235b8e21e-5.jpg&s3=103810-6-f6869e795bd209f10b8dbcb0d38afd89-3900x578.jpg
Otani University’s predecessor is the Higashi Honganji school dormitory, which was founded in 1665 (Kanbun 5) during the Edo period in Higashi Rokujo, Kyoto. After that, after several changes, in 1901 (Meiji 34), it opened as a modern university in Sugamo, Tokyo. In 1913 (Taisho 2), it was relocated to its current location.
 Based on Shinran’s Buddhist spirit, the goal is to develop “people” rather than “human resources”
A university that is widely open to the general public, with learning and “human studies” as the foundation of education and research continues to develop as In 2021 (Reiwa 3), the 120th anniversary of modernization
About Otani University Alumni Association
■ Number of members: 38,996 (as of April 15, 2022)
■ Number of branches: 82 branches (80 branches in Japan, China, South Korea) ■ Main business
1. Issuance of the bulletin “Mukuto” (published once a year, latest issue No. 147)
2. “Otani University Public Lecture” held in collaboration with Otani University and branches nationwide
(In 2022, it will be held at 55 branches and 49 venues for the first time in 3 years)
3. Holding a welcome party for new members after the graduation ceremony 4. Homecoming Day and Occupational Alumni Association (Teaching, Welfare) will be held to promote mutual cooperation and friendship among members *Cancelled in 2022
5. Website and SNS operation
*We have been providing “Alumni Udon” at the campus cafeteria as student support, but face-to-face classes will start in the second half of 2020.
Since the beginning, we have been offering alumni support bowls (usually 360 yen → 200 yen).
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