School Corporation Yamato Gakuen The Metaverse Food Culture Museum is now open! Kyoto Culinary College applies VR (virtual reality) technology and launches toward food culture inheritance with digital twin!

Yamato Academy
The Metaverse Food Culture Museum is now open! Kyoto Culinary College applies VR (virtual reality) technology and launches toward food culture inheritance with digital twin!
The Agency for Cultural Affairs-certified food culture museum “Kyoto Uzumasa TaiwaMuseum” has released a page where you can experience food culture in a digital twin world view using the Metaverse! Providing visitors with a virtual reality food culture experience in a virtual space!

Kyoto Culinary College is a facility created to spread the rich food culture of Kyoto and become a bustling facility where local people can interact. We plan and manage various events and exhibitions as a base for disseminating food culture. This fiscal year, the Kyoto Uzumasa Taiwa Museum, where you can experience “digital x food culture” in Kyoto, has been renewed and is gaining popularity mainly among generation z. In anticipation of the full-scale relocation, we will contribute to the further spread and promotion of lifestyle and culture as an educational corporation.
At Yamato Gakuen Kyoto Culinary College (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture / Principal Mikito Tanaka),
We supervise and develop VR (virtual reality) specialized vocational education programs and AI education programs.
[Image 1

Utilize VR
In the future, while collaborating with Kyoto City and food-related industries in Kyoto Prefecture, we will spread hospitality and food culture education,
We will implement multi-faceted approaches such as disseminating cooking techniques and strengthening mentality, and will develop VR teaching materials and conduct demonstration experiments.
Through this project, we aim to improve the quality of vocational education in the field of cook training centered on the new lifestyle of the with corona era.
This time, we created a Metaverse space for the “Kyoto Uzumasa Taiwa Museum” in such a situation!
You can take a stroll through the museum using VR (virtual reality) technology. [Image 2

Experience food culture with a digital twin
“Kyoto Uzumasa Taiwa Museum”, which is popular among generation z, See you in the metaverse space.
[Image 3

Metaverse Food Culture Museum
Interview by vocational school students
Food culture museum? VR? Metaverse? In order to answer various questions, Yamato Gakuen Educational Corporation, learning tourism and travel in Kyoto by students of the travel department of the Kyoto Hotel, Tourism and Bridal College
We are making a video of the local coverage.
[Video 2:]

Kyoto UzumasaTaiwa Museum
At Yamato Gakuen Kyoto Culinary College (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture), In February 2022, the Taiwa Museum in Uzumasa, Kyoto will be fully renovated and opened to spread and promote food culture.
The Kyoto Uzumasa Taiwa Museum, a food culture museum, aims to spread and pass on to future generations the rich food culture and
spirituality that Kyoto has nurtured over time. It was installed in the Bakery Technical College).
[Image 4

Very popular with generation z!
The facility was created to spread Kyoto’s rich food culture and become a lively facility where local people can interact. It incorporates cutting-edge DX/digital technology and serves as a base for disseminating food culture suitable for the Society 5.0 era. We plan and manage various events and exhibitions.
[Image 5

Attention as a DX x food culture museum
Fusion of DX/digital and food culture
Introduced a non-contact touch panel type photo gallery signage, which is the first to be adopted in a Japanese educational institution, Started offering “Digital Kyoto food culture experience” to visitors. Touching the essential charm of food culture and lifestyle culture, Focusing on food culture, tea ceremony, and flower arrangement, we hold unique lectures and workshops that organically link life culture, and provide opportunities for local people and tourists to continue to become familiar with food culture. increase.
(Currently, we are distributing postcards with “taiwa fragrance” developed by Yamato Gakuen to visitors)
It is a space with infinite possibilities as a “DX x Food Culture Museum”. For the renewal, the Yamato Gakuen Food Culture Museum staff created the latest facility explanation video so that more people can learn about the appeal of the Food Culture Museum.
[Kyoto Culinary College]
Representative: Principal Mikito Tanaka
Location: 4-5 Uzumasa Yasui Nishizawa-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 616-8083
Access: Subway Tozai Line “Uzumasa Tenjingawa” station 4 minutes walk, Randen (Keifuku Train) Arashiyama Main Line “Randen Tenjingawa” station 5 minutes walk, JR Sanin Main Line (Sagano Line) “Hanazono” station 13 minutes walk, Near Kyoto City Bus “Kyoto Institute of Advanced Science” bus stop
Toll Free: 0120-593276
[About Yamato Gakuen Educational Corporation]
Founding spirit: “Enhance the spread of harmony among people, thereby contributing to the promotion of human welfare.”
Office Location: Sanjo Agaru, Kawaramachi, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 604-8006
Representative: Chairman Seiji Tanaka
Established: February 1931
Phone number: 075-241-0891 (representative)
School juridical person Yamato Gakuen
Business: Vocational school business, lifelong learning business, industrial support business, etc.
[Educational Foundation Yamato Gakuen Group]
Kyoto Nutrition Medical College
Kyoto Culinary College
Kyoto Confectionery and Bakery Technical College
Kyoto Hotel Tourism Bridal College
La Carriere Cooking School (Yamato Gakuen Lifelong Learning Division) Yamato Gakuen Hospitality Industry Promotion Center
Yamato Gakuen Regional Health and Nutrition Support Center
[Food Culture Museum “Kyoto Uzumasa Taiwa Museum”]
Yamato Gakuen Educational Foundation Kyoto Culinary College (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture) opened a food culture museum called “Kyoto Uzumasa Taiwa Museum” on campus.
It is the only educational institution in Japan that has been certified as a “Food Culture Museum” by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
[Image 6d71969-408-d5d81fc86bd0adb73a95-4.jpg&s3=71969-408-6d71b50a4e23e7da857b4e7ec68aafad-400x300.jpg
Popular with high school students

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