Scope Co., Ltd. Is your tolerance for a “price increase rush” already at the limit? “Price wall of plus 20%” as seen in consumer awareness

Scope Co., Ltd.
Is the tolerance for the “price increase rush” already at the limit? “Price wall of plus 20%” as seen in consumer awareness
~Survey on “Consumers’ Spending Awareness Against Price Increases”
Scope Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Shigeru Yokoyama) Data Marketing Center (DMC) is aware of consumers’ “expenses” and “price increases and decreases” in October, when the prices of familiar things have increased one after another. We conducted a survey and published its summary.
There is concern that price hikes will have a major impact on consumer confidence. For sellers, excessive price increases may lead to a decrease in purchases, while unreasonable price maintenance or price cuts may hinder stable business continuity.
This time, we considered it based on the questionnaire survey conducted immediately after the product price increase in October. Representative survey results are published below.
While active spending is somewhat restrained, many people want to spend money for their own “health” and “comfortable life”
Q. For each of the items below regarding “expenses,” please select one that best describes your feelings. (Do you want to actively spend money?) N=1,000
[Image 1

First of all, the top item “applicable (= want to spend actively)” did not reach 20% in any question, and there was no sense of momentum overall. Among them, it seems that there is a relatively high tendency to want to spend money on the basic elements of living, such as hobbies and family, “health” and “things and things to live
comfortably”. is.
On the other hand, as the willingness to spend on “things and things that are trending and popular in the world” and “social contribution” is low, amidst the continuing price rise, it is recommended to focus on a narrow range of spending, including family members. It can be seen that there is a growing awareness of
Price cuts are considered good from an “eco-friendly” point of view, in addition to the financial aspect and the enjoyment of shopping. Q. Please select all of the options below that apply to your feelings about “selling products at lower prices than usual” on sales, etc. (multiple selections allowed) N=1,000
[Image 2

Overall, women were more positive than men, and the older the age group, the higher the percentage of positive perceptions.
One in four people seem to think that it is “good from an ecological point of view”.
Reluctantly accepting product price hikes, the “plus 20% wall” towering high in consumers’ minds
[Image 3

[Image 4

Given that there are slight differences depending on the price, I think that a price increase of about 5% to 15% will make me feel that the price has risen, but it will not hinder my purchase. There is a first “wall” that makes you want to quit.
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