SDGs-friendly package “Foro Room Tour Pastel Blue” released from the electronic work kit “Elekit”

Kaho Musen Holdings Co., Ltd.
SDGs-friendly package “Foro Room Tour Pastel Blue” released from the electronic work kit “Elekit”
Sales start from mid-November 2022

EK Japan Co., Ltd. (Location: 2-19-30 Tofuro Minami, Dazaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture; Representative: Noriyuki Morishita), which plans, manufactures, and sells the electronic work kit “Elekit”, has shipped a total of about 100,000 units in the series. From the series, we will release products that image the most popular follower’s “house” as the starting point.
[Image 1

Foro Room Tour Pastel Blue
[Follow Room Tour Pastel Blue] Reference price 4,600 yen (tax included) You can assemble a follower’s house by cutting and gluing a specially designed package while keeping the follower’s kit where you can enjoy robot assembly.
Foro is a robot that can enjoy cute movements with an infrared sensor and six-legged walking. You can enjoy two modes: [Nakayoshi Mode], where you find people and objects and follow them, and [Tanken Mode], where you walk around and avoid obstacles.
It is a craft kit that can be assembled in about 3 hours using nippers and a screwdriver.
Have fun while working on environmental issues
In general, the package of the craft kit has a picture of the product and a description of the product. After opening, it can only be disposed of as combustible garbage or recyclable garbage.
At our company, we focused on the use of packages as an initiative for the SDGs. The package is made of durable cardboard to protect the product, so please use it instead of throwing it away! I want you to make a follower’s house, decorate it in everyone’s room and play! I am designing a follower’s house with such thoughts.
Foro Room Tour Pastel Blue is a mail-order limited product because the entire package is made up of parts.
Please purchase at the following mail order site.
ELEKIT STORE (ELEKIT), Amazon, Home Center Goodday Yahoo!

[Image 2

Part 1 Enlarge
[Image 3

Part 2 Enlarge

[Image 4

Production process 1
[Image 5

Production process 2

[Video 2:]

【Product Specifications】
Product name: Foro Room Tour Pastel Blue
● Model number: MR-9125
Reference price: 4,600 yen (tax included)
– JAN code: 4952682108283
– Size: about W150 × D150 × H155mm
●Weight: about 300g
– Number of parts: 115 points
– Target age: 10 years old and over
-Robot work time: 3 hours
– Tools required for robot work: nippers / + screwdriver / AAA alkaline batteries x 4 (sold separately)
*For house crafts, please refer to the How to make a follow room tour page on the Elekit website.
[Image 6d21447-148-41e4255b587dc6532563-0.jpg&s3=21447-148-2b1f3119841ccef73cd1f74e16ebbbd8-1935x1230.jpg
Kit contents

About EK Japan
EK Japan Co., Ltd. is a company that sells electronic work kits and programming teaching materials for learning with robots.
Our flagship product, “Elekit”, is a craft kit that allows you to learn while having fun, with the motto of new “education” through manufacturing. The kit contains elements that cannot be experienced with ready-made products, such as the joy of making and the sense of accomplishment of completion. An assembly manual with detailed illustrations and easy-to-understand explanations is included, so you can learn how to read and understand diagrams and how to use tools correctly. And because you can make things yourself, you can understand how things work, and your interest in science and crafts will be stimulated.
Elekit’s robots, which you can assemble yourself, think about how they move, and program, are full of STEAM (science, technology,
engineering, art, and mathematics) elements that will be needed in the future.
Official website:
-Inquiries about products- EK Japan Co., Ltd. Sales Department 【Company Profile】
Company name: EK JAPAN CO., LTD.
Representative: Takashi Yanase, Chairman and Representative Director Noriyuki Morishita, President and Representative Director
Location: 2-19-30 Tofurominami, Dazaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture 818-0105 Founded: 1973
Established: August 19, 1994
Capital: 92 million yen
Business description: Planning, manufacturing, and sales of electronic tool kits, etc.
About Kaho Musen Holdings Co., Ltd.
EK Japan Co., Ltd., Goodday Co., Ltd. (operates home centers in northern Kyushu and ), and Kaho Enterprise Co., Ltd. (data utilization and analysis) are group companies of Kaho Musen Holdings Co., Ltd.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Kaho Musen Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takashi Yanase, President and Representative Director Location: Fukuoka Fujiland Building 10F, 2-3, Nakasu Nakajima-cho, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
Established: February 1950
Capital: 100 million yen
Business content: 1. Management planning and management of
subsidiaries and related businesses 2. Real estate business

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