SDGs Recruiting companies to distribute free napkins in Africa to solve menstrual poverty.

Borderless Japan Co., Ltd.
[SDGs] Recruiting companies to distribute free napkins in Africa to solve menstrual poverty.
A Japanese venture manufactures sanitary napkins in Tanzania. Cooperating with a Japanese company to provide free “sanitary napkins and sex education” to local poor elementary and junior high school students.

Borderless Tanzania Limited (Headquarters: Tanzania / Pwani Province, Representative: Moana Kikuchi), which manufactures and sells sanitary napkins in Tanzania, Africa, provides sex education and menstruation at local elementary and junior high schools attended by poor students. We are looking for sponsors to provide free sanitary napkins. [Image 1

Why is it necessary to provide free napkins and sex education? Borderless Tanzania Limited’s brand “LUNA sanitary products” will start manufacturing disposable sanitary napkins in Tanzania, Africa from August 2022, and is currently expanding sales channels mainly through small stores called kiosks. increase.
Currently, the sanitary napkins distributed in Tanzania have low absorbency, and many women suffer from rough skin and blood leakage. In addition, there are few local industries, so they rely on imports from overseas, so the price is high, and many women use cloth, tissue paper, sponges, etc. as substitutes, and hygiene is also a problem. In particular, female students attending public schools are unable to purchase sanitary napkins due to financial reasons, which causes them to leak menstrual blood. many exist.
By taking a week off from school once a month, they are unable to keep up with their classes and are expelled from school.
This time, we are looking for sponsors to provide free sanitary napkins and sex education to girls attending public elementary and junior high schools in Pwani Province and Kibaha Province, where LUNA sanitary products is active. rice field.
[Image 2

We are looking for cooperating companies to solve menstrual poverty (CSR activities, etc.)
[Image 3

LUNA sanitary products manufactures disposable sanitary napkins locally in Tanzania.
Utilizing the support funds received from our sponsor companies as part of our social contribution activities (CSR), we will provide the sanitary napkins we manufacture free of charge along with sex education.
■ Area of ​​activity
Tanzania, Pwani Province, Kibaha District
■ Donation target
Public Elementary School 4th to 7th grade
Public junior high school 1st grade to 4th grade
■ Support money and number of napkins that can be provided free of charge Support is possible from 10,000 yen.
After sharing details such as the size and characteristics of the school to be donated via online call or email,
You can consult and confirm the number of napkins to be donated and the number of sex education sessions.
Reference information
Support money 20,000 yen: 150 packages (8 sheets per package, 1200 sheets in total) + 1 sex education class (1.5 hours)
* Elementary school: Approximately 100 to 300 target students are enrolled per school
*Junior high school: Approximately 400 to 1,000 target students are enrolled per school
■ Providing activity reports
We will provide photos and videos of activities (when donating sanitary napkins, when conducting sex education, *taken with the nameplate of the sponsoring company).
In addition, we will provide an activity report that summarizes the name of the school, the number of students, the name of the region, the details of the activity, and comments from the principal. * It can be used for public relations inside and outside the company as a CSR activity of the sponsoring company.
■ How to apply
STEP 1 Inquire at the address below
Email: info (please include @)
Please write “Recruitment of sponsoring companies” in the subject line. Person in charge: Moana Kikuchi
STEP2 Consultation by online call or email
*It is also possible to proceed to STEP 3 without implementing it. ・Regarding the number of donations or the amount of support
· Number of sex education sessions
・Eligible students
・ Support areas, etc.
STEP 3 Determine the number of donations or the amount of support STEP 4 Transfer of support money [Complete application]
*We will inform you of the details of the transfer by e-mail. [Image 4d21621-388-84c09b06417f8e01aa79-2.jpg&s3=21621-388-f3bafafdfd84c4e08c4ab10a1f65e786-1200x900.jpg

The society that LUNA sanitary products aim for
We are working to realize a society where all lives are blessed and ambitious students can continue to pursue their dreams.
In Tanzania, more than 6,000 students are said to have dropped out of school due to pregnancy, and the young pregnancy rate (ages 15 to 19) by region is nearly 30% on average.
A man who impregnates a student is punished with 30 years in prison, so many run away as soon as the pregnancy is discovered, and the girls become single mothers who can’t get financial support.
Students who become pregnant can be looked down upon by their classmates and neighbors, and in extreme cases, even their families may abandon them.
It is difficult to find a job that will hire mothers who do not have the qualification to graduate from junior high school and have children. There is a current situation.
In order to reach young single mothers all over Tanzania, we will create small sanitary napkin manufacturing factories in various places and create jobs.
By providing a community where people in the same situation can encourage each other, a daycare center, and a mechanism for
accumulating target funds, we will work together with local people to create a society that can support them in pursuing their dreams. About LUNA sanitary products Representative comment
When I was a university student, I met a girl named Asia, who became a single mother of twins at the age of 16, when I was researching “Why children drop out of school”, and I learned deeply about the problems surrounding early pregnancy in Tanzania.
After that, I myself experienced pregnancy, childbirth, and the difficulty of balancing child-rearing and work as a single mother. Because of you, I was able to graduate from university without incident.
When I experienced the harsh reality of young single mothers in Tanzania and the privileged environment, I felt strongly that I wanted to support them as they persevered in an environment where my own efforts alone would not help. We are working with the desire to create an environment where they can live with peace of mind and continue to pursue their dreams.
We ask for your cooperation in helping to eliminate poverty by creating jobs and providing sex education to prevent future
[Image 5d21621-388-02071492d08ed2acd420-3.jpg&s3=21621-388-fbc898cd1bd7b71afc813399d95f6495-360x300.jpg
Representative Kikuchi Moana
-Borderless Tanzania Limited Company Profile-
Trade name: Borderless Tanzania Limited
Representative: Moana Kikuchi, President and Representative Director Headquarters: Kwamfipa, Kibaha District, Pwani Region, Tanzania Established: June 2021
Capital: 500,000,000 Tsh
Business description: Manufacture and sale of disposable sanitary napkins “LUNA sanitary products”
Company URL: *Borderless Tanzania Limited is a member of the Borderless Group. -Borderless Japan Co., Ltd. Company Profile-
Company name: Borderless Japan Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kazunari Taguchi, President and Representative Director Location: Yaesu Ichigaya Building 6F, 2-17 Ichiyatamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Established: March 2007
Capital: 10 million yen
Company URL:
Details about this release:


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