Sea otter M&A Cumulative transaction amount on the site of 1 billion yen and over 10,000 users!

Racco Co., Ltd.
[Sea otter M&A] Cumulative transaction amount on the site of 1 billion yen and over 10,000 users!

We are pleased to announce that the site trading platform “Racco M&A” operated by Racco Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) has reached a cumulative contract value of 1 billion yen and has exceeded 10,000 users. (Cumulative contract value: as of November 17, 2022, number of users: as of November 14, 2022). In October 2022, the number of contracts concluded in a single month (93 cases) and contract value (92,988,500 yen) reached record highs, and the results are steadily expanding.
We will continue to make improvements in order to provide safe, secure, and comfortable site trading services to a wide range of users.
[Image 1

Cumulative contract value of 1 billion, surpassed 10,000 users Sea otter M&A:
■ Accumulated contract amount exceeded 1 billion yen, achieved 10,000 users [Image 2

As of November 17, 2022, the sea otter M&A has achieved a cumulative contract value of 1 billion yen. Since the cumulative total of 300 million yen was exceeded in November 2021, the contract amount has more than doubled in about a year. The background to this achievement is that since 2021, it has been used by an increasing number of users as a site trading platform with the No. 1 number of listings and contracts, and as a result, the number of deals and the amount of deals are large.・The number of successful contracts is also
increasing. In addition to websites (affiliate blogs, web media, etc.), which have long been the main source of transactions, the trading of SNS accounts centered on YouTube channels has recently become more active.
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In addition, the number of sea otter M&A service users has exceeded 10,000 (as of November 14, 2022). The number of users of the entire sea otter web service including sea otter M&A (sea otter ID users) will exceed 100,000 in April 2022, and currently more than 136,000 users will receive various services useful for website operation ( We use the free keyword research tool “Otter Keyword”, the high-speed rental server “Otter Server”, and the “Used Domain Dealer”
specializing in used domains that are advantageous for SEO, etc.). Sea otter M&A by the numbers
Sea otter M&A: Main updates after October 2022
 Started a request service for posting of canceled sales
 Partial deletion of item information and search conditions
Changed display specifications for sales, profit, and PV in project information  Proposal information download function released
What is sea otter M&A?
It is a platform that connects people who want to sell and buy websites. No sales commission
The number of contracts and listings from 2021 to 2022 is No. 1 in major site trading services
Contract value (total transaction amount, 2021): Approx. 350 million yen Contract amount (total transaction amount, January to October 2022): Approx. 570 million yen
Reliable legal support
Lawyer free consultation
Automatic generation of contracts supervised by lawyers
Electronic contract service automatic linkage (DocuSign)
Various functions for smooth transactions Secure escrow service Unique ability to attract customers: Approximately 138,000 users of the sea otter web service (as of November 14, 2022)
Even beginners can easily understand and stress-free trading by following the instructions on My Page and emails. We have built a system that seamlessly integrates everything from automatic contract generation to electronic contracts, allowing the most time-consuming contract processing to proceed smoothly.
In addition to affiliate sites and e-commerce sites, which are the main trading targets, we also handle accounts and apps.
■ No sales commission
Sellers can use sea otter M&A completely free of charge. The seller can sell the site (account/app sale) without hesitation about the fee, and the buyer can search for what they want to buy from the abundant sales items collected by the free sale fee. There are no conditions such as exclusive listing, and you can use it for free of charge! ■ No. 1 number of deals closed in 2021/2022! (November 2022 total)  The number of publications and contracts in 2021/2022 is No. 1 among major services.
 Otter M&A publishes statistical information on site sales, including the number of listings and the number of contracts.
Sea otter M&A in numbers:
■ Reliable legal support
You can easily consult with a lawyer who has a contract with Sea Otter M&A via chat. In addition, you can automatically generate business transfer agreements and confidentiality agreements supervised by lawyers (of course, you can edit the template freely). It also automatically supports electronic contracts, making it possible to conclude contracts smoothly. Only sea otter M&A can receive legal support up to this point for free!
■Various functions for smooth transactions
We have systematized as much as possible the work required for registering sales proposals and transactions. Transactions can proceed smoothly without delays due to operational reasons.
[Convenient functions of sea otter M&A]
Automatic site assessment with instant results
Automatic acquisition of access data using Google Analytics integration My page where the transaction status is clear and you can quickly see what you need to do now
Prevent omission of ToDo transactions with reminder emails
Automatic generation of business transfer agreements and
confidentiality agreements
Electronic contracts for contracts (using DocuSign, the world’s top share electronic contract system)
Automatic processing of escrow payment confirmation
Maximize matching opportunities with automatic markdowns
Secure transactions with identity verification and SMS authentication functions WEB site real-time transfer function allows immediate transfer of the site ■ Unique ability to attract customers
In addition to sea otter M&A, the sea otter web service
“Sea otter keyword”
“Otter Tools”
“Otter server”
“Otter Market”
We provide various services related to website management. Some services have been supported for a long time, and we have many sea otter ID users. It is especially suitable for buying and selling affiliate sites because it is often used by affiliates.
Project information is recommended for services with many users, so you can approach a wide range of people.
*If there are any corrections to the numerical data in this press release announcement, please correct them at the following URL.

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