Seanet, TAKAIDO cool flow WMS introduction example is released on the HP.

Seanet Co., Ltd.
Seanet, TAKAIDO cool flow WMS introduction example is released on the HP. Promoting business expansion plans with WMS as a weapon! Raise IT literacy within the company and challenge infinite possibilities
C-NET Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture; President and CEO: Nobuhiko Onozaki; C-NET), which develops and provides warehouse management systems (WMS), is TAKAIDO Cool Flow Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo). Suginami Ward, CEO Yuichi Iida, hereinafter referred to as TAKAIDO Cool Flow) has introduced a WMS, and today released a case study on the points of selection and future
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[Image [About TAKAIDO Cool Flow Co., Ltd.]
TAKAIDO COOL FLOW owns multiple low-temperature logistics
3-temperature zone warehouses in the Tokyo metropolitan area and operates a 3PL business specializing in food. “Through our safe and speedy logistics business, we contribute to our customers and local communities and enrich our homes and workplaces. ], we provide total support from system design proposals to operation in food logistics, which requires strict temperature control and transportation quality. Company website:
TAKAIDO Cool Flow created a company song to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its founding in September 2022. I will participate in the NIKKEI National Company Song Contest 2023 on November 4th, so please vote.
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[Shining in the future]: [About Seanet Co., Ltd.]
Since its founding in 1992, C-NET is a pioneer in warehouse management systems that has been working to streamline operations and improve quality through systematization focused on logistics. With the corporate philosophy of “Making the workplace comfortable with IT”, all the people involved in the project, from sales to development and support, are well acquainted with the logistics site from their own perspectives, and present optimal solutions to the problems that the logistics site faces. I’m here. Achieved No. 1* in WMS package shipment value for 10 consecutive years since 2011. Currently, we support the logistics strategies of various companies through logistics system service integration.
*Deloitte Tohmatsu Mic Research Institute Co., Ltd. “Market outlook for core business package software (ERP) expanding due to
diversification of work styles 2021 version
Location: Makuhari Techno Garden B Building 11F, 1-3 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture 261-0023
Established: January 10, 1992 URL:

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