Secretariat of Emergency Support Project for Demand Stimulation of Osaka Prefecture Shopping Streets Morishoji Kyokaimichi Shopping Street FM COCOLO Sends Out Attractiveness!

Osaka Prefectural Shopping Streets, etc. Demand Stimulation Emergency Support Project Secretariat
Morishoji Kyokaimichi Shopping Street Spread the appeal of FM COCOLO! “Kyokai Road Shopping Street COME ON EVERYDAY”

In Osaka Prefecture, while the impact of the corona disaster continues, we are promoting support for demand stimulation in the shopping districts in the prefecture.
The efforts of each shopping district are also introduced on the website “Eeyan!
“Morinokoji Kyokaimichi Shopping Street” along the Kyokaido in Asahi Ward, Osaka City
This time, the shopping street and FM COCOLO collaborated to produce an FM program.
The program “COME ON EVERYDAY”, which collects the overflowing charm of the Morishoji Kyokaimichi Shopping Street, is broadcast every Sunday during the afternoon program “SUNDAY MARK’E 765”.
During the broadcast of the program, a radio commercial featuring shops in the shopping district will also be played, and the liveliness of the shopping district will be delivered through voice.
On December 4th (Sunday), program DJ Marquee will broadcast LIVE from the Kyokaido shopping district.
Stores in the shopping district will also participate in the broadcast and convey the real voices of the shopping district that can only be heard here in real time.
□ Broadcasting station FM COCOLO (76.5MHz)
□Program title: “Kyoto Kaido Shopping Street Come On Everyday” (In the program “SUNDAY MARK’E 765”)
□ Broadcast date and time December 4th (Sun) 11:00-14:00
□ Program DJ Marquee
Click here for the Morishoji Kyokaimichi Shopping Street website
FM COCOLO program blog
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Deliver the bustle of the shopping street with your voice

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