SEGA Co., Ltd. “Sonic Frontier” free download content is now available! Also released a video introducing the in-game BGM with animation

Sega Corporation
“Sonic Frontier” free download content is now available! Also released a video introducing the in-game BGM with animation

SEGA Co., Ltd. has released the popular PlayStation (R) 5 /
PlayStation (R) 4 / Nintendo Switch (TM) / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / PC (Steam) software “Sonic Frontier” for free download. Distribution of content (DLC) “Sonic Adventure 2 shoes” started today. In addition, we released a video “Fishing Vibes – Somewhere in the Starfall Islands” that introduces the in-game BGM of “Sonic Frontier” along with the original animation.
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■ “Sonic Adventure 2 shoes” will be distributed for free as DLC! [Image 2

As a free DLC, the shoes that appeared in “Sonic Adventure 2” are being distributed. Put on your nostalgic shoes and enjoy the exhilarating rail-grinding action of the Starfall Islands.
In addition, “Sonic Frontier” plans to distribute various free DLC in the future. Please look forward to it!
【Method of applying】
After applying the latest update patch for “Sonic Frontier”, select “Enable” from “Extra Content” on the title screen.
* Costume changes are not reflected in certain scenes such as some event scenes. [“Sonic Adventure 2” introduction video is also available! ] Along with the distribution of free DLC, we have released an introduction video of “Sonic Adventure 2 Shoes”.
In addition to introducing “Sonic Adventure 2” with nostalgic game footage and music, we even introduce the material (!) of the shoes you will receive as a gift. Please take a look!
[Image 3d5397-4851-229bc24afc96409606e1-2.jpg&s3=5397-4851-b4a9cc501b3851fd8e90b62fd1329659-2000x1125.jpg
■ “Sonic Frontier” free DLC “Sonic Adventure 2” shoes
■In-game BGM introduction video “Fishing Vibes – Somewhere in the Starfall Islands” released!
We have released a video “Fishing Vibes – Somewhere in the Starfall Islands” that combines the BGM of a “fishing spot” that exists somewhere in the adventure stage Starfall Islands with animations produced by Sonic Team.
Please enjoy the calming and healing music along with the video of Big enjoying leisurely fishing in the wilderness where the flowers sway and the wind blows.
[Image 4d5397-4851-96be42f7c2d52e47bb15-3.jpg&s3=5397-4851-334ea44de42302fc5430ba9100f8571a-1280x720.jpg
■ “Sonic Frontier” BGM “Fishing Vibes – Somewhere in the Starfall Island”
In addition, along with the release of the video, we will introduce the comments of Tomoya Otani, the sound director who worked on the music, and Yui Karasuno, the designer of Sonic Team who produced the video.
■ “Sonic Frontier” Sound Director “Tomoya Otani” Comment
[Image 5d5397-4851-a84656442c8716a9b0ee-4.jpg&s3=5397-4851-8943ebe8daea85263cf67c1b9e37bfb9-1280x853.jpg
I thought that a fishing spot somewhere in the Starfall Islands, the setting of Sonic Frontier, would be a chill spot for players, so I decided to create lo-fi hip-hop BGM without hesitation. If it’s lo-fi hip-hop, I definitely want to combine it with lo-fi animation, so I asked Yui Karasuno, the designer of Sonic Team, to create a video, and the best chill work was completed! I would be happy if you could use this video when you want to relax or as background music for work. ■ Comment from Sonic Team Designer Yui Karasuno
When I thought of the animation to accompany this chilled song, I envisioned a gentle scene of Big dozing off with his fishing line hanging in the breeze.
I put together a big pink and purple tone and finished it with a somewhat nostalgic and warm touch.
I would appreciate it if you could enjoy a moment of healing. ■ What is Sonic Frontier?
“Sonic Frontier” is an action-adventure game that allows you to freely run around a vast island with supersonic action unique to Sonic. The stage of the main story is the unknown islands “Starfall Islands” where ancient civilizations sleep. Sonic’s new adventure begins on an island full of mysterious ruins and creepy enemies.
This work is a next-generation stage-clearing action game that expands the play into the world map itself and evolves it into a playable world map “Open Zone”. With gimmicks installed on each map, you can enjoy high-speed gameplay in all directions without being bound by the concept of a course.
The elements prepared in the “open zone” are various, such as “battle”, “mystery solving”, “side quest”, and “cyber space”. These elements can be played in any order depending on your playstyle. 【Product Summary】
Product name: Sonic Frontier
Compatible models: PlayStation (R) 5 / PlayStation (R) 4 / Nintendo Switch (TM) / Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One / PC (Steam)
*Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC (Steam) only sell digital versions supported language :
PlayStation(R)5/PlayStation(R)4/Nintendo Switch(TM) version
Audio: Japanese, English / Subtitles: Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified)
Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/PC (Steam) version
Audio: Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Spain) / Subtitles: Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese (Traditional,
Simplified), Portuguese (Brazil), French, Italian , German, Spanish (Spain), Russian, Polish
Release date: Now on sale (Tuesday, November 8, 2022)
Suggested retail price :
Package version / digital version: 5,990 yen (6,589 yen including tax) Digital Deluxe: 6,990 yen (7,689 yen including tax)
Genre: New frontier action-adventure
Number of players: 1
Release / sales: SEGA Co., Ltd.
CERO notation: Class A (for all ages)
Copyright notice: (C) SEGA
Official site:
■ Digital Deluxe Set Contents
・”Sonic Frontier” main game
・Additional download content “Seeker Treasure Box”
Memory items (Emmy): 40
Portal gear: 1
Emerald Key: 10
Sonic Costume “Adventurer’s Gloves & Shoes”: 1 set
・Digital Art Book & Digital Mini Soundtrack
■Company names and product names mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.
Details about this release:


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