Sega Sega Lucky Lottery Online “Isekai Uncle”, prizes revealed! You can win items of Sega loving uncles and elves with newly drawn illustrations!

Sega Lucky Lottery Online “Isekai Uncle”, Prizes Released! You can win items of Sega loving uncles and elves with newly drawn illustrations!
Sega Co., Ltd. will start selling the Sega Lucky Lottery Online “Isekai Uncle” from 11:00 on Friday, November 18, 2022.
[Image 1d16101-50-537f51d4fbc628486f52-0.jpg&s3=16101-50-5ea77efa2912d115bd5d5eac7801bcbf-1200x1200.jpg
“Sega Lucky Lottery Online” is a no-lose character lottery that can be drawn on the Internet. You can easily draw lotteries by accessing from your computer or smartphone. The winning prize will be delivered to your home at a later date.
In the Sega Lucky Lottery Online “Isekai Ojisan”, you will win all the items of “Ojisan” who is full of Sega love and items with
illustrations drawn by “elves”. The A prize is an illustration of “Uncle” and “Sonic the Hedgehog” running at high speed, and an illustration of “Elf”, “Mabel”, “Alicia” and “Fujimiya” holding “SEGA” alphabet-shaped cushions. Available in canvas graphics. In addition, it is full of fun items such as B2 size tapestry, tote bag, acrylic stand, tin badge. Please welcome the items of “Uncle in Another World” that can only be obtained here.
[Image 2d16101-50-81a86cc8dbb8f63790ed-1.png&s3=16101-50-7c5018f05362a307aa0f7a8945d433ee-1200x1200.png
Prize A: Canvas graphics
[Image 3d16101-50-5a8cf3f0a1c01ca72a2e-2.png&s3=16101-50-e9d63591ff184f54636a8cc179866d8a-1200x1200.png
Prize B: B2 tapestry
[Image 4d16101-50-ab7d74254c8a2345abf7-3.png&s3=16101-50-7cacb168aecb79e3734607ac541c9a1d-1200x1200.png
Prize C: Tote bag
[Image 5d16101-50-312dee2eac6db478cc58-4.png&s3=16101-50-786dff27ffeda52a5e8fb68e16b2bfda-1200x1200.png
Prize D: Acrylic stand
[Image 6d16101-50-e2cf25709e4bf67c1dca-5.jpg&s3=16101-50-f4df0a8311ee8a39e3cb31179cd92df7-1200x1200.jpg
Prize E: Can Badge
-Product Summary-
◆ Name: Sega Lucky Lottery Online “Different World Uncle”
◆ Lottery sales period:
November 18, 2022 (Friday) 11:00 to December 16, 2022 (Friday) 23:59 ◆ Prize delivery time: Scheduled for April 2023
◆ List of prizes:
Prize A: Canvas graphics (2 types)
Prize B: B2 tapestry (4 types in total)
Prize C: Tote bag (3 types)
Prize D: Acrylic stand (6 types in total)
Prize E: Can badge (14 types in total)
◆Price: 770 yen (tax included) + 500 yen shipping fee
(Tax included, shipping fee will be charged only for the first purchase) ◆ Rights notation:
(C) Almost Dead/Published by KADOKAWA/Uncle in Another World Production Committee
Details about this release:


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