Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store Exhibition of paper-cutting artist Ayumi Shibata

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[Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store] Exhibition of paper-cutting artist Ayumi Shibata Ayumi Shibata Kamigami no Mori, an exhibition of paper-cutting wrapped in cut-out light

The paper-cutting works created by Ayumi Shibata are characterized by the unique beauty of interweaving light and shadow. Experience the unique world created by paper, from large-scale works to small works that can be held in the palm of your hand.
[Image 1

■Title: Paper-cutting exhibition wrapped in cut-out light Ayumi Shibata Kamigami no Mori
Date: December 1st (Thursday) to 12th (Monday), 2022
    Opening hours: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
*Sunday until 8:00 pm, only this venue closes at 6:00 pm on the final day, December 12 (Monday)
*Admission until 30 minutes before closing time each day
■ Venue: Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store 7F (South) = Event Hall A ■Admission fee: General 800 yen, university and high school students 600 yen, junior high school students and younger free
■ Planning and production: Ayumi Shibata Kamigami no Mori Production Committee [Image 2

Enter the world of new sensations and paper installations, enveloped in gentle and delicate stories, light and sound.
A solo exhibition by Ayumi Shibata, a paper-cutting artist who is attracting attention today, who creates beautiful paper-cutting works that look like three-dimensional sculptures using transcendental techniques and new shading expressions that fold light and layers. Delicate yet lively expressions and unique narratives give the work a unique world view. In addition, the dynamic and large-scale
installation work invites people to a fantastic space work that wraps around.
This exhibition is divided into 9 parts under the theme of “the workings of life and the universe”, from dynamic installation works that appear in the space of the forest to microscopic works that confine microcosms in picture books and small bottles. , publish various artworks.
Exhibit example
[Image 3

sun ship
[Image 4

traveler’s book
[Image 5

tail of the night
Exhibition limited original goods
●Venue limited books
Price: 2,420 yen
[Image 6

●Kutani-yaki bean plate
Price: 1,980 yen each (approximately 13 cm in diameter)
[Image 7

Chopstick rest Azami / Splash Black / Splash White / Shigemi Price: 550 yen each (approximately 4 cm in diameter)
[Image 8
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