Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd. A psychologist who used to live in fear of others teaches how to get a free heart that is not afraid of others. Released “I threw away my desire for approval”!

Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd.
A psychologist who used to live in fear of others teaches how to get a free mind. Released “I threw away my desire for approval”!
If you seriously change yourself, such a “free world” is waiting!
Seishun Publishing Company (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) released “I threw away the desire for approval” (Yoshihiko Morodomi) on November 19th. [Image 1d75284-143-225e8d23c289a883f5a9-0.jpg&s3=75284-143-4b071b7971b00805c52efcbd9adfb449-1702x2500.jpg
I threw away my “need for approval”
Always worrying about other people’s eyes and air, worrying about superiority or inferiority with others, such as being taken off the mount, sometimes thinking that you are an HSP (sensitive person), evaluation by people I’m really worried about…
For those who want to say goodbye to the life of living each day in fear. [Image 2d75284-143-96d344b578f03105a57c-2.jpg&s3=75284-143-9e42ba00db6111e6d18d62dc0f2ea218-3667x2268.jpg
In 9 steps, from yourself who is hard to live to the world you did not know! A psychologist who once lived a life of fear introduces a “9-step self-remodeling program” that allows you to see the world 180 degrees differently.
Chapter structure of this book
[Image 3d75284-143-daa2be507fa56133d234-3.jpg&s3=75284-143-11c580cac464c2ed5c7c68776586e694-3667x2268.jpg

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Author profile
Yoshihiko Morotomi
Professor, Faculty of Letters, Meiji University. Clinical
psychologist. Licensed psychologist. Doctor of Education. After working as an associate professor at the Faculty of Education, Chiba University, he assumed his current position. For more than 30 years, he has provided counseling to young people who are worried about their lives at a university-affiliated counseling center. His major publications include Marriage Education Classes Taught at Meiji University, Psychology of Petit Abuse (published by Shosha), Master of Solitude (PHP Shinsho), Lessons for Being Lonely, NHK Books Life. Is there any meaning?” (Kodansha Gendai Shinsho), “Live in three-year increments in your 50s” (Kawade Shobo Shinsha), and many others. Book information
“I threw away the ‘need for approval'”
Author: Yoshihiko Morodomi
Release date: November 19, 2022
List price: 1,738 yen (tax included)
ISBN: 978-4-413-23278-4
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