Seisui Industry Co., Ltd. Approximately 90% of factories with permanent water treatment facilities, while more than 80% have experienced trouble with water treatment

Seisui Industry Co., Ltd.
Approximately 90% of factories have permanent water treatment facilities, while over 80% have had trouble with water treatment – Specific problems such as “water quality deterioration” and “deterioration of facilities” emerged –

Seisui Industry Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Wakaba-ku, Chiba City, Representative Director: Kenichi Imoto, hereinafter Seisui Industry,, which has the best temporary water treatment technology in Japan, is a factory involved in water treatment business. We are pleased to inform you that we have conducted a survey of issues related to “water treatment” in factories for 100 managers, engineers, and designers.
Survey summary
[Image 1d58301-23-a05342487113db5b5ec5-3.png&s3=58301-23-c8770d01b311b1f1f72540e4b8e12997-1920x1080.png

Survey outline
Survey overview: Investigation of issues related to “water treatment” in factories
Survey method: Internet survey planned by IDEATECH’s research PR “Resapie (R) ︎” Survey period: September 1, 2022 to September 2, 2022
Valid responses: 100 factory managers, engineers, and designers involved in water treatment work
*Composition ratios are rounded off to the second decimal place, so the total does not necessarily add up to 100.
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Approximately 90% of factories that perform water treatment have permanent water treatment facilities.
When asked, “Q1. Do you have a permanent water treatment facility in your factory?” (n=100), 89.0% answered “yes.”
[Image 2d58301-23-7976b0a906ad3b4d0b40-1.jpg&s3=58301-23-c1784f16e4ea3ea38e6ea3ce41c7e4b5-1200x800.jpg
Q1.Does your factory have a permanent water treatment facility? ・Yes: 89.0%
・No: 10.0%
・I don’t know/can’t answer: 1.0%
More than 80% of respondents said they had trouble using water treatment facilities
When asked “Q2. Do you have any troubles when using your company’s water treatment facility?” (n=89), 37.1 answered “Yes” to Q1. %, and 43.8% answered “somewhat”.
[Image 3d58301-23-8b237608435db02003a2-0.jpg&s3=58301-23-6c6e7b5cfdbf4bf841835c12e6610174-1200x800.jpg
Q2.Have you had any troubles when using your company’s water treatment facilities?
・Very: 37.1%
・ Somewhat: 43.8%
・ Not much: 16.9%
・ Not at all: 2.2%
More than 60% of respondents answered “water quality deterioration” and “deterioration of facilities” as troublesome experiences For those who answered “very much” or “somewhat” in Q2, ask “Q3. = 72), 63.9% answered “water quality deterioration”, 62.5% “deteriorated facilities”, and 43.1% “odor”.
[Image 4d58301-23-dac6b7e9691e154aa5fe-2.jpg&s3=58301-23-0b8e9de168fdb50e2f3e4ab617138eb8-1200x800.jpg
Q3. Please tell us what kind of troubles you had in using the water treatment facility. (multiple answers)
・Water quality deterioration: 63.9%
・Aging facilities: 62.5%
・Odor: 43.1%
・Problem of operation management: 33.3%
・The amount of processing exceeds the upper limit: 30.6%
・Shortage of water treatment personnel: 27.8%
・The cost of alternative treatment when updating water treatment equipment is high: 22.2%
・ No countermeasures against disasters: 15.3%
・Cannot update equipment due to lack of parts: 11.1%
・Other: 0.0%
・I don’t know/can’t answer: 1.4%
In addition, there are voices worrying about “sludge treatment” and “environmental pollution”
For those who answered anything other than “I don’t know, I can’t answer” in Q3, I asked them, “Q4. If you have any problems other than what you answered in Q3 when using water treatment facilities, please tell us freely. (Free answer) ” (n=71), we received 52 answers such as “sludge treatment” and “environmental pollution”.
-Free answer/partial excerpt-
・65 years old: Sludge treatment.
・51 years old: Environmental pollution.
・56 years old: It costs money to maintain facilities.
・56 years old: Management of equipment to keep the temperature below the standard value.
・56 years old: I sometimes get data that exceeds the regulation value, and I don’t know how to deal with it.
・51 years old: There are concerns about the lack of capacity of the treatment plant due to future plans on the factory premises. ・55 years old: When chemicals, etc. that cannot be treated are mixed. summary
 This time, we conducted a survey of 100 factory managers, engineers, and designers involved in water treatment work on issues related to factory “water treatment”.
 About 90% of the factories involved in water treatment work have permanent water treatment facilities, and we learned that they have had trouble using their own water treatment facilities. As specific experiences, they mainly mentioned “water quality deterioration” and “deterioration of facilities”, and also voiced concerns about “sludge treatment” and “environmental pollution”.
Now that SDGs are being called out, the environmental impact of water treatment methods is also attracting attention. In addition, since the amount of wastewater treated is increasing year by year, many voices were raised about the issue of proper water quality management. At present, manpower is expended on the maintenance of many facilities in factories, but in terms of specialized water treatment problems such as “management of regulatory values” and “insufficient treatment capacity”, replacement of parts alone cannot solve them. It may be difficult, and specialized knowledge and systems may be required. Read this article if you want to learn the basics of water treatment [Image 5d58301-23-e52477938e6ff9b5ee3d-4.png&s3=58301-23-bdbaf1863b9a290bc54a9a3c13b90005-1162x870.png
“Water is essential for us to live.” In addition to being important as drinking water, water is extremely important in various situations such as domestic water, agricultural water, and industrial water. On the other hand, it is also a human responsibility to return dirty water to nature in a clean state. The process of restoring water to a clean state is called “water treatment.”
If you want to know what water treatment is, the troubles that are likely to occur during water treatment, the necessity of water treatment facilities, the possibility of temporary water treatment, etc., please read the following.
■What is water treatment? Explanation of basic knowledge of types and mechanisms|Possibility of temporary water treatment to solve possible problems
Company Profile
Company name: Seisui Industry Co., Ltd.
Location: Chiba Research Park, 424-18 Kamiizumi-cho, Wakaba-ku, Chiba City Established: December 1974
Representative Director: Kenichi Imoto
Business description: · Rental of water treatment equipment and plants when renewing water treatment equipment
      ・Emergency response in the event of trouble with water treatment equipment       ・Reduce the amount of industrial waste and cost of industrial waste by renting water treatment equipment
      ・Rental and sales of centrifuges (new products, resale machines) Details about this release:

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