Seisui Industry Co., Ltd. Seisui Industry was selected as a finalist from a total of 4,538 submissions from 15 2 countries in the global award “Zayd Sustainability Award”.

Seisui Industry Co., Ltd.
Seisui Industry was selected as a finalist from a total of 4,538 submissions from 152 countries in the global Zayed Sustainability Award.
Attending the award ceremony in the United Arab Emirates in January 2023
Seisui Industry Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Wakaba-ku, Chiba City, Representative Director: Kenichi Imoto, hereinafter Seisui Industry) has applied for the 15th Zayed Sustainability Award, a global award hosted by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). After judging 4,538 applications from 152 countries around the world, mobile and customizable temporary water treatment plant technology was evaluated as a sustainable solution and was selected as a finalist.
Seisui Industry has applied for three finalists in the “Water Resources” category, and one of the winning companies will be announced at the award ceremony to be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on January 16, 2023. . Members of Seisui Industry will also attend the award ceremony. See below for the announcement of the award finalists. [Image 1d58301-24-65eb66961f8e640b7a7e-0.jpg&s3=58301-24-d421cdbc67eb7d4c70041a834cc94977-640x480.jpg
Temporary water treatment plant of Seisui Industry
■ Contents that our company appealed at the time of application and are considered to have been evaluated
Innovation: Technological development of temporary wastewater treatment plants that can be customized to meet customer needs and placed where and when they are needed
Impact: Achievements that have contributed to the living environment of many people by solving water treatment problems in infrastructure such as sewage treatment facilities, radioactively contaminated water in nuclear power plants, and hydroelectric power plant facilities. Inspiration: A sense of mission and an unwavering attitude toward solving water treatment, sludge treatment, and wastewater treatment problems in all places and situations
The Zayed Sustainability Award, which Seisui Industry applied for for the first time this time, was established in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2008. Consisting of five divisions, it targets small businesses, non-profit organizations (NPOs) and high schools working on sustainable and innovative solutions. Each year, after the application is submitted during the application period, one winner will be selected for each category after screening.
“I am honored to be a finalist in this prestigious award, which has been in place for 15 years and even before the world focused on sustainability. We are also happy that the technical capabilities and ideas we provide have been evaluated as sustainable solutions by global standards.We take this as a good opportunity to let people in Japan and overseas know about our technology and services. We would like to further contribute to everyone as a company that solves everyone’s problems related to processing.”
(Comment from Kenichi Imoto, Representative Director of Seisui Industry) [Image 2d58301-24-ca5cafe26696ddb3634f-1.jpg&s3=58301-24-df80355a4829c192ddb1e736a60bd2f4-1280x720.jpg
Temporary water treatment plants play an active role as an alternative when public facilities such as sewage treatment plants are damaged. Overview of the Zayed Sustainability Award (excerpt from the press release of the award)
Established by UAE leaders in 2008 in the wake of the late UAE Founding Father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the award is an award for SMEs, non-profits and high schools around the world. The UAE’s pioneering global award that recognizes innovative, impactful and inspiring sustainable and humanitarian solutions. It recognizes and celebrates the world’s pioneers and innovators who are committed to accelerating problem solving. Over the past 14 years, there have been 96 award recipients who have directly or indirectly positively impacted the lives of more than 370 million people worldwide. 【Company Profile】
Company name: Seisui Industry Co., Ltd.
Location: 424-18 Kamiizumi-cho, Wakaba-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture Chiba Research Park
Established: December 1974
Representative Director: Kenichi Imoto
Business description:
・Rental of water treatment equipment and plants when renewing water treatment equipment
・Emergency response to water treatment facility trouble
・Reduce the amount of industrial waste and the cost of industrial waste by renting water treatment equipment
・Rental and sales of centrifuges (new products, resale machines) Details about this release:


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