Sekiguchi Co., Ltd. Sekiguchi Official Online Limited Product 11 Piki no Neko will become Santa and come to your house ♪ “11 Piki no Neko Santa L Plush Toy” will be on sale from Tuesday, November 22nd!

Sekiguchi Co., Ltd.
[Sekiguchi official online limited product] 11 Piki no Neko will become Santa and come to your house ♪ “11 Piki no Neko Santa L Plushie” will be on sale from November 22nd (Tuesday)!
Make your Christmas more joyful. From “11 Piki no Neko” comes a stuffed animal in Santa’s outfit!

Sekiguchi Co., Ltd. (Location: Tokyo / President Toshitaka Yoshino) is a popular long-selling picture book “11 Piki no Neko” series (Baba Noboru, published by Kogumasha) Sekiguchi official online shop limited product “11 Piki no Neko Santa”. L Plush” will be on sale from November 22, 2022 (Tuesday) at the official Sekiguchi online shop (
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Santa Claus of “11 piki no cat” came with a big bag on his shoulder. The gift bag is a special specification that allows you to put a present inside by untying the ribbon. The bag is large enough to hold gifts such as stuffed animals and towels. Perfect as a gift for someone special or as a gift for yourself! !
Of course, it is also recommended to decorate it as a stuffed animal and enjoy Christmas even more.
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[Image 3d23196-55-4e3fb6952cd71247f851-2.jpg&s3=23196-55-b5054905d0765819b10255440ef55fd5-701x526.jpg

Product Details
[Image 4d23196-55-a0271dfc2cf6ad447dff-3.jpg&s3=23196-55-a7f9d290bbb81f4ea8791d24d3eeacfc-700x700.jpg
[Image 5d23196-55-5ce41485c010bc663999-4.jpg&s3=23196-55-13fa8f4ab9d206b9350416a823ae00c4-700x700.jpg
[Image 6d23196-55-aeab2c9d591e2dacef01-5.jpg&s3=23196-55-de403c2b00e2122e3cb1c750767b841e-700x700.jpg
*The main body and the bag are sewn in one place. If you want to put a present in, please remove the thread stopper before using.
Product name: 11 Piki no Neko Santa L Blue
■Price: 9,350 yen (tax included) ■Size (approx.): H55 x W25 x D25cm ■ Sales: Sekiguchi official online shop limited products
Sekiguchi Official Online Shop
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