Self-hair removal salon in Fuji City-Introducing a new hair removal machine that is very popular for men’s hair removal!

Self-hair removal salon in Fuji City-Introducing a new hair removal machine that is very popular for men’s hair removal!
[You can commute for both men and women without meeting anyone] Towards a new era of hair removal.

[Unmanned] Self hair removal salon ONESELF introduced a new hair removal machine from November 1st. With the new machine, it is possible to select between SHR hair removal and IPL hair removal, which is rare in self-treatment, and it is possible to handle all hair types from men’s beard to downy hair.
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Self hair removal salon ONESELF is an unmanned self hair removal salon. We provide a new hair removal service that allows customers to operate the hair removal machine by themselves (self) and remove hair freely within the time limit.
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The One Self Fuji store is located on the back side of the 1st floor of the building on the main street of Chuomachi.
A quiet surrounding environment that is hard to be noticed and easy to go to by yourself without hesitation
There is also a private parking lot in front of the store, so it is convenient for access by car.
The Fuji store has just celebrated its 1st anniversary since it opened in December 2021.
Good cost performance unique to unmanned
It is used by many customers regardless of gender because it is easy to pay as you go.
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The new hair removal machine introduced on November 1, 2022 is a large hair removal machine that boasts the highest output in Japan. In addition to the latest painless hair removal method, SHR hair removal Equipped with IPL hair removal mode, which is rare in unmanned salons and self hair removal salons.
SHR hair removal mode
Since you can visit every two weeks, the period until hair removal is completed is short,
It has the advantage of being able to remove hair all over the body and less pain.
The IPL hair removal mode is
Effective for men’s thick beards and stubborn hair left after hair removal. Existing customers also commented, “It’s easier to operate the machine” and “I’m happy to be able to use the IPL by myself.” We are getting a lot of great feedback!
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Furthermore, in celebration of the introduction of the new hair removal machine at the store
We are running a half price campaign! !
During November, both the first course and the regular course are 50% off once per person.
Coupon code [0110]
■ Limited to Numazu, Mishima, and Fuji stores
■ Only once per person
■ Visits during November are eligible
■Cannot be combined with other coupons
I want to be freed from daily shaving!
My skin is rough and tingling due to self-treatment!
Even if you shave or shave, the evening blue beard stands out! I have a complex about my thick beard!
There is resistance to going to the hair removal salon!
I want to clean dark hair such as armpits and VIO!
For those who are like that, please feel free to commute once, unattended and pay as you go.
Do you want to hair removal at self hair removal salon ONESELF? A small step can dramatically change your life.
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Self hair removal salon ONESELF Fuji store
2-6-15 Chuo-cho, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka Marubun Building 1F West (parking lot side behind the building)
ONESELF menu (pay as you go)
first course
20 minutes 1,000
40 minutes 2,000
60 minutes 3,000
Normal course
20 minutes 3,500 (repeat discount 3,000 yen)
40 minutes 5,500 (repeat discount 5,000 yen)
60 minutes 7,500 (repeat discount 7,000 yen)
List of stores
Shizuoka Prefecture
ONESELF Mishima store
ONESELF Numazu store
ONESELF Shizuoka Station North Exit
ONESELF Shimizu store
ONESELF Suruga store
Kanagawa Prefecture
ONESELF Odawara store
ONESELF Hiratsuka
ONESELF Yokohama Hakuraku
Aichi prefecture
ONESELF Nagoya Nakamura
ONESELF Toyota Wakabayashi
ONESELF Kasukabe store
ONESELF Hachioji
Miyagi Prefecture
ONESELF Sendai Ichibancho
ONESELF Fukuyama Nishifukatsu store
Iwate Prefecture
Chiba Prefecture
ONESELF Sakura store
ONESELF Hachioji
Hyogo Prefecture
ONESELF Amagasaki Hankyu Tsukaguchi
Okayama Prefecture
Kagoshima prefecture
ONESELF Kagoshima Tenmonkan
ONESELF Kagoshima Arata store
Okinawa Prefecture
ONESELF Uruma Akano
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