Seminar Report A consultant from Funai Research Institute gave a lecture at the DX seminar on vehicle management for company and business vehicles (sponsored by Tokei Computer Co., Ltd.)

Logistics Consultant Funai Soken Logi
[Seminar Report] Funai Research Institute logistics consultant gave a lecture at the vehicle management DX seminar for company and business vehicles (sponsored by Tokei Computer Co., Ltd.)

On November 8, 2022 (Tuesday), a logistics consultant from Funai Soken Logi Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Shigehiro Suga; hereinafter “Funai Soken Logi”), which provides logistics and logistics consulting services, We made a presentation at the “Vehicle Management DX Seminar for Company and Business Vehicles -From Safety Education to Operation Management-” sponsored by Tokei Computer Co., Ltd.

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Course content
[First course]
Funai Soken Logi talked about the DX promotion that company cars and commercial cars should work on.
■Course content
・Promotion of DX that businesses with company and business vehicles should work on
・To become a company chosen by customers and job seekers
・Improve productivity and increase recruitment/retention ability brought about by DX
[Second lecture]
The mandatory use of breathalyzers, which was scheduled from October 1, 2022, will be postponed for the time being, but safety management will be required even more for commercial and company vehicles. In this course, we talked about creating a safety education system that utilizes AI drive recorders.
■Course content
・ Characteristics of companies that reduce accidents found from more than 300 cases
・What is an AI-equipped drive recorder that protects the company and the driver? ・Accidents 1/5 after introduction! Use cases of drive recorders that produce dramatic results
[Third course]
Toukei Computer Co., Ltd. talked about delivery management DX using the smartphone management application “Trustar” that can visualize the operation status.
■Course content
・ Easily convert handwritten daily reports into data with the app. Improve office work efficiency
・Towards 2024, centrally manage the delivery of company-owned and chartered vehicles with an app
・Improve the working environment for drivers. Eliminate phone calls and solve the trouble of management and reporting
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Company introduction
About Funai Soken Logistics
One of Japan’s largest comprehensive logistics consulting companies that consistently supports from the formulation of strategies and tactics to their execution in the logistics field. Based on a wealth of experience in supporting both shippers and logistics companies, we provide practical consulting that solves customer issues at the essential level. We provide one-stop “logistics solutions” that customers need, based on four axes: consulting, community, network, and database.
Company Profile
Headquarters: 22nd Floor, Nippon Life Marunouchi Building, 1-6-6 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005 (Tokyo Headquarters)
Representative: Representative Director Shigehiro Suga
Established: May 10, 2000
Capital: 98 million yen
Phone: 0120-659-456

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