Sendai X-TECH Promotion Secretariat Sendai City Launches “AI Product Development Boot Camp” Aiming to Train AI Engineers

Sendai X-TECH Promotion Office
Sendai City Launches “AI Product Development Boot Camp” Aiming to Train AI Engineers
Recruiting participants for all four programs starting November 30
The city of Sendai has established the Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2022-2023, an initiative aimed at creating an ecosystem that will sustainably generate AI-related businesses, the Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2022-2023. : Takashi Takegawa, special site:, in Sendai City, as part of the “AI engineer training program AI product development boot camp” (hereinafter referred to as , “this course”) will be held.
In addition, we are accepting applications from participants until November 23, 2022 (Wednesday).
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This course aims to acquire the skills required of AI engineers who are responsible for the development of new products and services by making full use of AI and advanced IT technologies related to AI. is learned in a boot camp format while actually moving hands. Even those without advanced programming skills can participate, and it is possible to acquire skills for AI implementation, such as experiencing the construction of a prototype using general-purpose AI.
Name: AI engineer training program AI product development boot camp Schedule: 1st: November 30 (Wednesday) 13:00-17:30 “Image Judgment”         Second: Friday, December 09, 13:00-17:30 “Natural Language”          3rd: December 23rd (Friday) 13:00-17:30 “Document Search”         4th: January 13 (Friday) 13:00-17:30 “Machine Learning” Eligible participants: Companies/organizations with business bases in Sendai City or the Tohoku region
Participant recruitment period: Until Wednesday, November 23, 2022 For details on the content of this course and how to apply for participation, please refer to the following URL.
●Introduction of speakers
[Image 2d84933-18-1c5f5aa26b419476a937-2.png&s3=84933-18-4aa49274e0510d246dc62063d7fb5985-800x800.png
Yuta Agatsuma
Representative of GROWTH JAPAN TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd.
Received numerous awards for developing business solutions using AI, including runner-up in the IBM Watson Build competition and the Audience Award. In 2020, he received the “2020 Tohoku Business Design Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Director’s Award”. Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2022-2023
This project aims to create new businesses by combining cutting-edge IT technologies such as AI and IoT with various industries (X-TECH: cross-tech), and fostering and exchanging leading-edge IT human resources to lead these businesses. This project aims to create a future where the people living in Sendai and Tohoku can feel the richness of life by creating innovation through the power of technology.
From fiscal 2017, we will support business co-creation through open innovation such as ideathons and business builds, support human resource development through hands-on courses and workshops, create opportunities for exchange between IT personnel in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Sendai IT personnel, and promote the spread of X-TECH. We have carried out promotional projects, etc., and have worked to create a foundation for X-TECH innovation and to create a Sendai brand that attracts human resources.
From this fiscal year onwards, we will support business development aimed at creating “next-generation X-TECH businesses” that utilize AI, and support the development of AI human resources who can work on business development, considering that with COVID-19 will be a prerequisite for society. By strengthening this, we aim to build an ecosystem that will sustainably generate new initiatives and high-value-added businesses in local industries.
■Information on the special website for the “Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2022-2023”
In the “Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2022-2023”, various programs will be implemented as an initiative to create an ecosystem “AI-Ready City Sendai” that will sustainably generate AI-related businesses. Details will be updated from time to time on the special site below.
Secretariat overview
Name: Sendai X-TECH Promotion Office
Date of establishment: September 7, 2021
Purpose: Planning and operation of “Sendai X-TECH Innovation Project 2021”       Building an ecosystem that creates new businesses through X-TECH from Sendai
Participating organization: zero to one Co., Ltd.
aiforce solutions Inc.
      Miyax Co., Ltd.
      Persol Innovation Co., Ltd. TECH PLAY company

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