Senior Life Create Co., Ltd. Concluded “Agreement on Cooperation with Elderly Watching Activities” with Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Senior Life Create Co., Ltd.
Concluded an “Agreement on Cooperation in Watching over the Elderly” with Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Efforts to deliver boxed lunches for the elderly If an abnormality is found in an elderly person during delivery, contact relevant parties
Senior Life Create Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hiroshi Takahashi), which develops the home delivery lunch service for the elderly “Delivery Cook One to Three”, will open in Ibaraki on Friday, November 4, 2022. We concluded “agreement about cooperation for elderly person watching activity” with Hitachinaka-shi.
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◆ Situation of elderly people in Hitachinaka City
According to data from municipalities in Ibaraki Prefecture*1 (as of August 1, 2022), Hitachinaka City has a population of 155,091, with 40,746 people aged 65 and over, and an aging rate of 26.3%. Among the elderly population, which is increasing year by year, the increase in the elderly population aged 75 and over is remarkable, and in 2019, the population aged 75 and over exceeded the population aged 65 to 74. *2
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◆By concluding an agreement, it will be possible to support problem solving for the elderly in cooperation with the government
The purpose of the “Agreement on Cooperation in Watching over the Elderly” concluded this time is to carry out activities that contribute to watching over the elderly and the promotion of Hitachinaka City’s welfare administration, with the aim of creating a community where citizens can live with peace of mind. Akira Otani, Mayor of Hitachinaka City, said, “As the population ages, it is important to have a variety of people watch over us and quickly get information from the government and those around us. I would like to create a system that allows the government to report to the government any small things that they noticed during delivery, and the government can respond appropriately to that information,” he said, speaking of the necessity of monitoring activities. Thank you. In the “Delivery Cook One to Three” boxed lunch delivery service for the elderly, if the delivery staff notices something unusual about the elderly recipient while delivering the boxed lunch, they will contact relevant parties in the city to monitor the situation. do. Even before concluding the agreement, the “Delivery Cook One to Three” store, whose delivery area is Hitachinaka City, has been conducting monitoring activities during lunch delivery for about 18 years. Through the conclusion of the “Agreement on Cooperation in Watching over the Elderly”, we will not only confirm the situation of the elderly at the delivery destination and deal with sudden emergencies, but also collaborate with Hitachinaka City to support problem solving for the elderly. We will do our best. “Delivery Cook One to Three” is handing out lunches to users every day*3. I think it’s easy to notice anomalies in face-to-face situations such as “It looks bad”. Also, in the past, the delivery person did not come out even after calling at the time of delivery, and the key did not open even after visiting several times on the day. There is also an example of a user falling down in the house and being unable to move. There are changes that can be noticed only because we understand the behavior and usual state of users. We will continue to work closely with Hitachinaka City to contribute to the creation of an environment where the elderly can live actively.
*1 Ibaraki prefecture municipal data *2 Hitachinaka Happiness Plan 21 (8th term) *3 Closed only on New Year’s 3rd (January 1st to January 3rd) 【Company Profile】
Company name: Senior Life Create Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Hiroshi Takahashi
Headquarters: Nitten Mita Building 6F, 3-12-14 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo Phone number: 03-5427-3981
Established: December 1999
Capital: 280 million yen
Business description:
1) Operation of the franchise headquarters of “Delivery Cook One to Three,” a home delivery box lunch specializing in elderly people 2) Operation of Tokusuke-kun, a food wholesale business for facilities for the elderly
3) Operation of Showa Roman Club, a community salon for the elderly 4) Operation of Yui no Daidokoro, a consignment kitchen business for elderly facilities
5) Operation of mail order business for individuals
Various efforts of “Delivery Cook One to Three”
◆ “Going to meet” users even today  Practicing activities to watch over the elderly in the community beyond just delivery since its founding
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“Delivery Cook One to Three”, a boxed lunch delivery service specializing in elderly people, currently has 354 stores nationwide, serving approximately 3 million meals per month (as of November 1, 2022). Since its establishment, the store has practiced watching over and confirming the safety of elderly people at home by hand-delivering them. I am trying as much as possible. In addition, we are developing our own community-based service that promptly works with care managers and families if an abnormality such as a collapsed child is discovered during delivery.
◆ “Orange Ring” Network Employees and franchise owners are “dementia supporters” One of our many training programs is the Dementia Supporter Training Course. Not only employees, but also franchise owners who run stores have taken the course, and as a proof of that, they wear an orange ring. By deepening our understanding of dementia, we will continue to work to help the elderly in the community and their families. ◆ Promoting cooperation with government
We have concluded agreements on watching over the elderly with 65 local governments nationwide (as of November 8, 2022).
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