Serif (Europe) Ltd. A new standard in creative software AFFINITY latest version launched in Japan

Serif (Europe) Ltd.
A new standard in creative software The latest version of AFFINITY is now on sale in Japan

– Bulk purchase of Affinity Photo 2, Affinity Designer 2 and Affinity Publisher 2 for Mac, PC and iPad
・ If you buy in bulk, you can get 60% of individual purchases ・ 40% discount for individual purchases to commemorate the release of Affinity Version 2
・ Affinity Publisher now supports iPad
[Image 1d112146-1-7bb182cc8eea239417fd-0.jpg&s3=112146-1-51620e0092f3fe44db1443243c1426f9-589x295.jpg
Serif has announced version 2 of its award-winning Affinity creative suite, Affinity. Affinity Version 2 is the new version of three of the creative software industry’s most popular products: Photo, Designer and Publisher. It has attractive new features and a new look. In addition, it is possible to purchase at a special price commemorating the release.
[Image 2d112146-1-4fc547d9e9fdc859807e-1.jpg&s3=112146-1-0a18162a438be0a4201d0c2479a6ed46-1131x265.jpg
Affinity Photo 2 – ultra-powerful photo editing and raster painting Affinity Designer 2 – Enables intuitive and creative vector graphic design and illustration
Affinity Publisher 2 – Light and streamlined page layout software powered by StudioLink that offers a unique use of the editing tools found in Affinity’s two other products.
Designed and built to empower creators to do their best work, Affinity V2 brings together photo editing, graphic design, illustration and layout workflows to deliver a holistic experience unlike any other creative suite. To do.
[Image 3d112146-1-21b90aa83f4631786fa4-2.jpg&s3=112146-1-a3183f957b59b4c314de390860316177-589x368.jpg
Serif CEO Ashley Hewson
“Affinity V2, the new standard in creative software, is Serif’s largest and most exciting product launch in history. , with some great features.
Serif understands that they don’t work for themselves, they work for photo editors, artists, illustrators, designers, and others who spend their days powered by Affinity.
We are constantly striving to provide apps that are even more productive than ever, not only by incorporating new features that customers have requested, but also by improving usability and workflows. We think Affinity users new and old will love it. At the same time as the launch of Affinity V2, the long-awaited Affinity Publisher 2 iPad version will be released, completing the core app available for macOS, Windows and iPad. Feature-packed, intuitive, and touch-friendly, this is the first desktop-level truly professional layout and page design app. For the first time, a professional desktop-level layout and page design application has arrived on the iPad.
[Image 4d112146-1-5ca2ad0bbb64b48d995a-3.jpg&s3=112146-1-1bb1834aaa6431a31d1b625034b2c52f-589x442.jpg
“Our efforts to bring desktop-quality creative software to the iPad have led the world and set a new industry standard for what users should expect from tablet applications. For the first time, all the features you associate with desktop publishing are available on the iPad.
This has never happened before. With the power and portability of Affinity Publisher 2 for iPad, you can design and lay out your pages without being stuck in the office. And it’s about bringing it into whatever space is most inspiring. ”
The Affinity V2 Universal License is also available for Mac, PC and iPad in a package that includes Affinity Photo 2, Affinity Designer 2 and Affinity Publisher 2, and can now be purchased all at once. ” [Image 5d112146-1-288867e6ffbcc39f22f7-4.jpg&s3=112146-1-9330193c999c37438d1a7bfcd2a7dc06-230x230.jpg
The universal license is priced at ¥26,800, saving you ¥29,500 compared to purchasing all applications individually for all OSs. Plus, to celebrate the launch, Serif is offering a massive 40% discount, allowing you to purchase the entire Affinity V2 suite for just ¥15,800 (no subscription).
Ashley Hewson says:
“With the ability to make one-time payment purchases, Affinity is the only viable option for many creators around the world who can’t afford the highest quality tools. There was some speculation that we would be migrating, but I would like to say out loud that it is not!
For our existing customers, we are very aware that we are unable to offer upgrade pricing given that many of our sales are made in the app store. . That’s the main reason why we decided to take this big launch discount. We decided to offer a very affordable price for those who want to upgrade. ”
Those who don’t want the full package can still purchase Affinity Photo 2, Affinity Designer 2 and Affinity Publisher 2 for Mac, PC and iPad individually at the same 40% discount as at launch. In addition, all applications including the V2 Universal License are available with a 30-day free trial.
Purchase reference:
■What is Affinity?
Affinity is a low-priced, one-time purchase type creative software that originated in the UK. We sell three products: photo editing, illustration, and page layout processing, and are used by many users around the world. Even in Japan, it is widely used by professionals such as designers, photographers, artists, and web designers, as well as general users.
Details about this release:


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