Setagaya Art Museum x Art Network Japan New Project “Performance Residence in Museum 2022-23”

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Setagaya Art Museum x Art Network Japan New Project “Performance Residence in Museum 2022-23”

An artist-in-residence (AIR) program for young artists engaged in physical expression and performance expression. For a total of 15 days from November 2022 to March 2023, composer and director Taishi Nukata will visit the Setagaya Art Museum to conduct various research and experiments with the keyword “borderless sound.”
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Performance Residence in Museum 2022-23 logo
■ Artist-in-residence where artists in the performance field stay at the museum The Setagaya Art Museum and NPO Art Network Japan will implement an artist-in-residence (AIR) program for young artists engaged in physical and performance expression. The purpose is to support and nurture young artists who will lead the next generation, expanding the creative environment and field of activities for artists, and pursuing and expressing their own creativity from a broad perspective. ■ The resident artist is Taishi Nukata, an artist from and living in Setagaya Ward.
Taishi Nukata, a resident artist in 2022, presides over the
contemporary pop band “Tokyo Shiokoji” and the theater company “Nutmic”. An artist from and living in Setagaya Ward who is actively collaborating with various domestic and overseas artists and is attracting attention from various fields. Nukata, who has said that he has had a strong interest in creating places since he was a child, reexamined his own methods of expression at the Setagaya Art Museum, which is one of the spaces where he got the original experience of art appreciation, and challenged himself to a challenge that can only be done here. to hold.
*During the stay period, we will hold an open day where anyone can observe the activities, and on Sunday, March 5, 2023, we will open the debriefing session to the public. (Details to be announced at a later date)
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Taishi Nukata (C) Yuta Itagaki/Mana Hiraki
■Program features
・Supporting experimental creative activities by young artists Resident artists are those who have been active for 3 years or more and are under the age of 35, or who have been active for less than 15 years. Through collaborative work and involvement with the local community, we support the activities of artists who consciously engage in -border-crossing and -expansion- of expression.
・Emphasis on dialogue and experiments that can only be achieved by staying at an art museum
The curator in charge, program director, and coordinator support the artist’s activity planning, research and activities during their stay by making use of their respective expertise. In addition, according to the interest of the artist, we will set up a place for dialogue and exchange with people who work at the museum and visitors.
■ Resident Artist Profile | Taishi Nukata
composer, performer. Born in Tokyo in 1992. Formed the contemporary pop band “Tokyo Shiokoji” while studying at Tokyo University of the Arts. Actively active as a leader until now, including appearances at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL. In 2016, he formed the theater company Nuthmic. Based on the question, “What is a performance?”, he presents works that expand the framework of the performing arts by writing and directing with a background in music.
■ Program Director’s Comment | Akiko Yonehara (NPO Art Network Japan) There is an accelerating movement of artists to boldly challenge the boundaries of expression genres such as theater, dance, music, art, and video, or to create expressions that are none of them, or that are none of them. On the other hand, in the last few years in Tokyo, some facilities that have actively supported experimental and cross-border activities have been forced to close. In response to this situation and the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Setagaya Art Museum and Art Network Japan jointly planned “Performance Residence in Museum.” In the future, we would like to extend the program to include overseas-based artists, and openly call for resident artists. Taishi Nukata, who will be staying at the Setagaya Art Museum this year, will have many meetings before and after his stay, and will join us in considering future programs. Please pay attention to the
artist-in-residence program jointly created by artists, museums, and NPOs.
■Comments from the curator in charge|Emi Yoshida (Setagaya Art Museum) Since its opening, the Setagaya Art Museum has developed numerous performance programs such as music, theater, and dance, taking advantage of its unique architectural space and natural environment outside the museum. From 2005 to 2021, an experimental performance series “Trance/Entrance” was held at the entrance to support young artists and explore the possibilities of the museum space. Based on past activities, this project aims to be a more creative experiment by having artists focus on other than the spatial characteristics of the museum. During your stay, you will not only encounter exhibitions and works in our collection, but also volunteers who meet regularly, students who take courses, interns, children visiting in groups, and visitors who are visiting for the first time. We hope that the various encounters that will occur will serve as new sources of inspiration for artists. Also, 35 years after its opening, I would like to consider how the space of the museum has become a “living museum” thanks to the people who visit the museum every day.
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Volunteers and children looking at works
[Image 4d71721-6-af9bf543c02610498017-4.jpg&s3=71721-6-be718262549a4de841b37ef8ddf6efaf-3000x2000.jpg
Performance in an empty exhibition room “To open the museum of tomorrow” Photo: Teppei Hori
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Setagaya Art Museum 1
[Image 6d71721-6-6a170102716312de0ebc-5.jpg&s3=71721-6-e833bfcb29c2ec833c0d8df3b7785fb4-3900x2925.jpg
Setagaya Art Museum 2
■Program Basic Information / Credits
Program name | Setagaya Art Museum x Art Network Japan “Performance Residence in Museum 2022-23”
Implementation schedule | November 2022 to March 2023
Venue | Setagaya Art Museum
Program special site (note) |
Organized by: Setagaya Art Museum (Setagaya Cultural Foundation), NPO Art Network Japan
Support|Setagaya City, Setagaya City Board of Education

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