Shannon Co., Ltd. Shannon adds LINE transmission function to MA from 100,000 yen per month.

Shannon Co., Ltd.
Shannon adds LINE transmission function to MA from 100,000 yen per month. Full-scale support for BtoC

Shannon Co., Ltd. (President: Kenichiro Nakamura, Securities Code: 3976, hereinafter Shannon) will add a LINE transmission function to domestic marketing automation (hereinafter MA), which can be started from 100,000 yen per month.
By using Shannon’s MA, you will be able to send LINE messages to the most effective segments, resulting in significant cost savings. In addition, Shannon will fully support marketing operations of BtoC companies by combining not only MA’s member management function and mail / DM / SMS sending function, but also CMS and cookieless dynamic advertisement.
■ Features of the LINE transmission function
[Image 1d2984-290-1e59a97b1ef60c7c9b69-0.png&s3=2984-290-78610fbe2e6dd9d03bd8e39b92ccf97d-1200x628.png
-Automatic MA linkage with LINE friends-
Friends of the LINE official account are automatically linked to MA. As a result, it is possible to integrate and centrally manage member (lead) management, which is normally carried out in marketing activities, and LINE friends.
-Achieving advanced segment LINE-
By narrowing down the transmission target based on the customer’s behavior integratedly managed by MA, LINE transmission can be performed more cheaply and accurately than simultaneous transmission. -Customer-oriented integrated approach combined with e-mail and SMS- Since it is possible to link LINE user IDs and MA customer
information, cross-sectional marketing measures using email, DM, and SMS are possible.
■ BtoC marketing operations supported by Shannon
[Image 2d2984-290-d48ea19c111c377d15f0-1.png&s3=2984-290-3d987fe2f2c7b09964c1b49c63c33e6c-1200x766.png
-Marketing Automation-
・Integrated channel approach
Shannon’s MA supports not only LINE, which was added this time, but also multi-channels such as SMS, email, and DM. For this reason, it is possible to approach it by sending SMS if there is no response to the email, LINE if there is no response to the SMS, and finally sending a DM.
・Membership management (CRM)
Since we have a wealth of experience in linking with core corporate systems, it is possible to implement membership management using existing customer information.
Shannon’s CMS (vibit CMS Neo) has not only normal page management function but also headless CMS function. This makes it possible to build advanced websites linked with various cloud services and core systems including MA with low code / no code.
“SHANON Ad Cloud” provided by Shannon allows you to use cookieless dynamic retargeting ads. It is also possible to approach mobile environments where the acquisition of third-party cookies is regulated.
■ About Shannon Co., Ltd.
Shannon provides products, solutions, and services that solve corporate marketing issues, with cloud technology at its core. Shannon’s marketing cloud, which realizes digital-analog marketing that combines digital and analog, and provides events, seminars, marketing automation, CMS, ad technology, and metaverse, can be used regardless of industry from finance, IT / communication, manufacturing to public institutions. It is used in various scenes from large to medium scale.
Company name: Shannon Inc. (English: SHANON Inc.)
Stock code 3976 (Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth)
Representative: Kenichiro Nakamura, President and Representative Director Location: 4th floor, Mita 43MT Building, 3-13-16 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description: Planning, development, sales, and support for cloud-based marketing solutions
        Provision of consulting and services related to marketing URL:
■ Inquiries regarding this news release
Shannon Co., Ltd. Marketing Department
TEL: 03-6743-1565
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