Sharing Energy, which operates Share Denki, notice of office expansion due to business expansion

Sharing Energy Co., Ltd.
Sharing Energy, which operates Share Denki, notice of office expansion due to business expansion
– To further increase the number of Share Denki contracts –

Sharing Energy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kazuyuki Uemura, hereinafter referred to as Sharing Energy), which provides a third-party owned service for solar power generation systems, “Share Denki”, has expanded its office. i will let you know. Sharing Energy was founded in January 2018 and has now grown to 60 employees*. We expanded the office floor space in anticipation of an increase in personnel as a result of continued business expansion. [Image 1

Background of office expansion
Governments, local governments, and the private sector are beginning to accelerate the introduction of renewable energy toward the realization of carbon neutrality by 2050. For example, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has announced that it will mandate
installation of renewable energy facilities such as solar power generation in new buildings such as houses, which is expected to have ripple effects on other local governments. In addition, fuel cost adjustments have skyrocketed in recent years due to soaring global energy prices, and the electricity charges of electric power companies continue to soar. In response to this situation, contract requests for “Share Denki”, a third-party owned service for solar power generation systems, which contributes to saving electricity charges for electricity consumers, are accelerating.
Since the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we have been promoting the diversification of work styles such as remote work and flextime, but both the scale of business and organization are expanding, and we will continue to expand our business, including new services. With this background, we have decided to expand the head office.
■ Reference: Past press releases
Sharing Energy, which operates Share Denki, will start broadcasting its first TV commercial from Saturday, September 10 (September 2022)
Accelerate regional decarbonization efforts through capital tie-ups with regional bank-affiliated VCs, etc. in series B final closing. A total of 5.59 billion yen was raised in the same round (August 2022)
*As of November 2022. Including regular employees, contract employees, temporary employees, etc.
Office exterior/interior
[Image 2

The expanded office is located in a building right next to the building (Kintetsu Ginza Chuo-dori Building II) where we currently reside. It is located about 3 minutes on foot from JR Shimbashi Station, and is a convenient location for commuting and business trips.
[Image 3

The meeting space, which had become cramped, has been expanded, and the office floor has been combined with free-address seating, making it a highly flexible design.
■ Expanded office
1-7-10 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Kintetsu Ginza Chuo-dori Building III 4th ​​Floor
■ Operation start date
Tuesday, November 1, 2022
*This is not a head office relocation, so the phone number and fax number will not change.
From the viewpoint of SDGs, the office to be expanded will use the interior of the previous tenant to restore the original condition and reduce the interior construction work, and consider reducing the environmental load such as waste reduction. increase.
At the head office and the new office, we will continue to promote the diversification of work styles, implement measures to promote communication inside and outside the company, and make it a place to accelerate the growth of our business and organization.
About recruitment information
In addition to corporate planning manager candidates and alliance manager candidates, we are stepping up recruitment in various positions. See below for details.
Recruitment page:
About alliance inquiries
We are looking for partner companies who can work together to develop Share Denki. Please feel free to contact us from the page below. example)
・House makers/builders, contractors
・ Local governments nationwide, financial institutions (regional banks nationwide, credit unions)
・Retail electric power companies, gas companies
・Construction companies, sales companies
・Share Denki member store recruitment page: ・ Press release regarding the start of recruitment of alliances:
Inquiries about using Shared Electricity
If you are considering using shared electricity or a shared
electricity storage battery model, please contact “Free Consultation” from the shared electricity service site.
・ Share Denki Service Site:
About “Share Denki”, a third-party owned service for solar power generation systems
[Image 4

Share Denki is a service that allows you to install a solar power generation system at an initial cost of 0 yen and reduce your electricity bill. After a certain period of time has passed, the complete system is transferred to the customer free of charge, which has been highly evaluated, and since its establishment in 2018, the number of contract requests has grown rapidly to over 7,000. In addition, agreements with the public sector, such as public-private partnership with Yoshitomi Town, Fukuoka Prefecture, are progressing toward the realization of a highly environmentally friendly city and decarbonized society, and Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer ( Tesla Powerwall Authorized Provider).
[Share Denki CM video]
[Video 2:] [Five features of Share Denki]
1. Initial cost is free
No expensive initial investment
2. Unlimited use of solar power for 22 yen per kWh!
Significantly cheaper than purchasing from a power company
3. After-sales maintenance will be borne and handled by our company There is no need for maintenance by the tenant before the free transfer. We, the owner, will maintain and manage
4. Free transfer to customers after 15 years
After 15 years, the self-consumption unit price is 0 yen, and surplus power can be sold to us.
5. Safe to use even in emergencies
Even during a power outage, electricity can be used as an emergency power supply during the hours when the solar power generation system generates electricity.
*Available up to power generation range (up to 1,500W)

[Image 5d31337-30-2d86d24760e1f1238a66-4.png&s3=31337-30-3fcd6c86885d3a53d8a8ea16514cc25a-2176x1038.png
Changes in the number of contract requests for Share Denki (as of October 2022) [Image 6d31337-30-07554751dd03587171c9-5.png&s3=31337-30-29552842e59a260167e4f9023594a4c8-904x354.png
Shared electricity service model
■ About sharing energy
With the mission of “innovating energy systems by creating distributed power sources”, we provide distributed power sources such as “Share Electricity” and develop planning and development of energy management services. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by promoting self-consumption and local production for local consumption of renewable energy. In 2021, we will announce a comprehensive partnership agreement (*2) with Yoshitomi Town, Fukuoka Prefecture, and in 2022 with Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and we will promote initiatives with administrative and local governments. *2) Press release details:
Comprehensive partnership agreement with Yoshitomi Town, Fukuoka Prefecture
Comprehensive partnership agreement with Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Company name: Sharing Energy Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-7-11 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Kintetsu Ginza Chuo-dori Building II 9F
Established: January 2018
Representative: Representative Director Kazuyuki Uemura
Business description: Power generation business using renewable energy, etc., and business related to its management and operation URL:
■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Sharing Energy Co., Ltd. Public Relations
Details about this release:


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