Sharp Released 5G compatible SIM-free smartphone “AQUOS sense7”

Dear members of the press,
Released 5G compatible SIM-free smartphone “AQUOS sense7”
Equipped with an image sensor that is approximately 66% larger than our previous models (*1) and a newly developed image quality engine, ProPix4. Standard series with dramatically improved camera performance

Smartphone “AQUOS sense7” (from left, light copper, blue, black) Based on the concept of “necessary and sufficient”, Sharp will launch a SIM-free model of the 5G compatible smartphone “AQUOS sense7” as the fall / winter 2022 model of the “AQUOS sense” series, which has continued to evolve since 2017, from November 25 (* 2) Release it. While maintaining the battery life of one week (*3), which is the biggest feature of the series, the camera performance has been dramatically improved, making the shooting experience even more enjoyable.
Although this machine is a standard model, it is equipped with a large 1/1.55-inch image sensor that approaches the flagship model. By increasing the size by approximately 66% from our conventional model, the amount of light collected has been greatly improved. The new image quality engine “ProPix4” applies the high image quality technology of the camera of our flagship model “AQUOS R7”. Image processing based on analysis of human eyes, skin, etc., renders even more beautiful images while preserving natural facial expressions. The combination of the image sensor and image quality engine suppresses noise even in dark scenes and expresses delicate textures and details. In addition, the AF speed is about twice as fast as our conventional model (*1) thanks to the image plane phase-difference AF that uses all pixels. The focus is achieved quickly and accurately, so you can shoot without missing the moment you want to capture.
The display uses our proprietary IGZO OLED, which achieves vivid color expression of 1 billion colors and a peak brightness of 1,300nit. The drive speed is automatically and intelligently controlled according to the display content and operation, ensuring high energy-saving performance. Combined with a large-capacity 4,570mAh battery, it can last for a week after being fully charged. Furthermore, in addition to the easy-to-hold size of about 70 mm in width, it is the first smartphone “AQUOS” to support face authentication while wearing a mask, improving convenience.
■ Main features
1. Equipped with an image sensor that is about 66% larger than our previous model and a new image quality engine “ProPix4” that applies the high image quality technology of the “AQUOS R7” camera. Suppresses noise and captures delicate textures
2. The AF speed is about twice as fast as our previous models. You can shoot without missing the moment you want to shoot
3. Both performance and usability are achieved, such as a one-week battery life with an IGZO OLED display with excellent energy-saving performance and a size that is easy to hold with a width of about 70mm.
*1 Comparison with our 2021 model “AQUOS sense6”.
*2 Please check with each sales company for the release date, unit price, and billing plan.
*3 Estimates based on our own standards, assuming about 1 hour of usage per day and about 23 hours of standby time, mainly for sending and receiving calls and messages (according to Sharp research). It may be shortened depending on the actual usage such as playing games or watching videos.
* The information contained in the news release is the information as of the date of the press release.
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