SHE Co., Ltd. Minami Minegishi challenges copywriting for Omotesando station advertisement! Demonstrate what you learned at SHElikes, a career school for women

SHE Co., Ltd.
Minami Minegishi challenges copywriting for Omotesando station advertisement! Demonstrate what you learned at SHElikes, a career school for women

SHE Co., Ltd. (location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Eri Fukuda,
hereinafter referred to as SHE), which operates the career support platform for women “SHElikes”, which has a total of 60,000 students, has copywriting for Minami Minegishi. From November 21st, we posted advertisements that had students take the course and actually try copywriting at Omotesando Station. Please pay attention to Minami Minegishi’s new challenge at a career school that supports “my own way of life”.
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Since its founding in 2017, SHE has operated the career school “SHElikes” for millennial women, which is its main business, as a “life coaching company” that accompanies women’s problem solving. In the six years since its founding, we have helped many women realize their own way of life and work, and a total of over 60,000 people have taken the courses.
At SHElikes, Minami Minegishi, who started her activities as a member of the first generation of AKB48 in 2005 and announced her graduation last year, has been appointed as an image model for a large-scale autumn campaign, and we have been able to work together on various initiatives. rice field. After graduating from idol career, Minami Minegishi has expanded her range of activities such as variety shows, musicals, MV director and editor-in-chief. The way SHE tries to build a career that is even more “personal” even after reaching the new milestone of marriage is SHE’s idea of ​​“creating a world where each and every person can demonstrate their own unique value and live enthusiastically.” This collaboration was realized because it overlaps with our vision.
For details on the campaign featuring Minegishi, please see the campaign site here.
And as a culmination of the tie-up project, we actually took a copywriting course and challenged ourselves to create an advertisement copy for Omotesando Station. At first glance, Ms. Minegishi’s career and marriage seem to be going smoothly, but as a 30-year-old life-sized woman, she is still moving forward step by step,
fluctuating between positive and negative emotions. It is an advertisement project that contains Minegishi’s pure true intentions and a message for women living in the same era.
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Period: November 21st to November 27th
Location: Omotesando Station Hills Exit Area
⬛️Comment from Minami Minegishi
Through this tie-up, I was able to study copywriting at SHElikes, which I had always wanted to learn.
I just turned 30 last week, and while I’m taking on new challenges such as producing my first product, I still lose confidence and sometimes get depressed with anxiety about the future.
But now, thanks to such a negative personality, I’ve come to think that there were times when I could sympathize with him.
I would be happy if this ad could send a message to people who tend to be negative like me, and to move forward while worrying together. ⬛️ What is SHElikes?
SHElikes learns a wide range of 31 creative skills such as web design, web marketing, writing, etc. that can be worked with one PC, cultivates multi-creators required in the present age, and works smartly and personally without being bound by time or place. It is a career school community to realize.
Apply for a free trial lesson here:
⬛️About SHE Co., Ltd.
SHE Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017 with the vision of “creating a world where each person can demonstrate their unique value and live enthusiastically”. Our main business, “SHElikes,” provides creative skills lessons such as web design and web marketing, coaching programs, and job opportunities so that everyone can work in their own way. I have taken more than In 2021, we are developing “SHEbeauty”, a community service that produces Japan’s first full online total beauty, and “SHEmoney”, a service that aims to acquire the knowledge of money that is essential for realizing your ideal career and life. (SHE Inc.:
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