Shenzhen Jiatu Co., Ltd. Rakuten shopping marathon, 20% OFF for a limited time This is a serious humidifier, and it’s moisturizing. A new product for winter 2022, peipai humidifier with silver ion sterilization function is now available!

Shenzhen Jiatu Co., Ltd.
[Rakuten shopping marathon, 20% OFF for a limited time] This is a serious humidifier, and it’s moisturizing. A new product for winter 2022, [peipai humidifier] with silver ion sterilization function is now available!
peipai’s ultrasonic humidifier is a bargain!

As the temperature drops and it gets colder, the air becomes dry, so many people complain of throat and eye problems. The peipai ultrasonic humidifier is useful in such situations.
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Latest silver ion sterilization humidifier [jt-202207]
Product link: Regular selling price: 6,280 yen
Sale price: 5,024 yen
Coupon acquisition URL:–&rt= Expiration date: November 4, 2022 (Friday) 20:00 to November 8, 2022 (Tuesday) 23:59

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[POINT1 ■ 99% antibacterial with Ag+ antibacterial filter]
With Ag+ antibacterial filter, you can keep the water clean and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Please recommend it. [POINT2 ■ 3 levels of mist can be adjusted]
The ultrasonic mist does not get hot, so families with children and pets can use it with confidence. The amount of mist can be adjusted in 3 steps (weak, medium, and strong) by touch operation, and can be selected according to the size of the room and the season.
[POINT 3 ■ 4L large capacity, easy operation, compatible with 20 tatami mats] With a large capacity of 4L, it can be used continuously for about 11 to 35 hours when the water tank is full. It has excellent ultrasonic humidification capacity, and the humidification capacity of about 250ml/h in strong mode and the 360° free-rotating outlet allow you to deliver moisture to a wider area of ​​20 tatami mats and efficiently humidify. keep
[POINT4 ■ Timer function & sleep mode & empty firing prevention] Equipped with a 2/4/8H timer function to create a suitable environment for sleeping and prevent excessive humidification. Press and hold the humidification amount button to turn on sleep mode. Turns off (only the power lamp is displayed) and operates in low humidification mode. Also, if you forget to turn it off and the water runs out during operation, you can rest assured that it will automatically stop. [POINT5 ■ 8-color LED light]
The night light is equipped with a single-color fixed mode and an 8-color circulation mode, so you can use it properly according to the scene. Soft colors create a calm atmosphere in your bedroom. If you don’t like sleeping in the dark, leave it on while you sleep. [POINT6 Easy and convenient upper water supply type]
Adopted a specification that can be poured as it is without opening the top lid. Compared to the conventional product with a humidifier with a tank and lower set, this product has an integrated design and does not leak water.
[POINT7 Easy to clean]
The wide mouth of the tank allows you to reach deep inside, so you can clean every corner. You can easily do daily care.
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