Shenzhen Jiatu Co., Ltd. Your favorite panel heater? ! Rakuten Market Popularity Ranking 1st place exceeded 30,000 units! ! ! ~ Essential for winter peipai electric pill remover

Shenzhen Jiatu Co., Ltd.
For your favorite panel heater? ! [Rakuten Market Popularity Ranking 1st place exceeded 30,000 units! ! ! ] ~ Essential for winter [peipai electric pill remover]
peipai Pill remover exceeds 30,000 units! ! !

Useful for the maintenance of winter clothes such as knits and sweatshirts, and a cut that allows you to see pills without damaging your precious clothes.

peipai pill remover [jt-202126]
Product link: Regular selling price: 2,980 yen
[Image 1d106664-88-0b12ef285414e7fe1689-0.jpg&s3=106664-88-cec2ffa006a340ad1ed6c86570d936bd-1024x1423.jpg
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[Image 3d106664-88-5c51d47b80b803fd0a9c-2.jpg&s3=106664-88-9ee771f384507488bcdd5dcf29db7535-1024x1740.jpg
[Image 4d106664-88-5487d61a208d176862a3-3.jpg&s3=106664-88-fa534bb1081d69cf719f773902faae03-1024x1063.jpg
[Image 5d106664-88-fecaadb6a71fb3a9a15d-4.jpg&s3=106664-88-ff01e2ad577cd0efd967da071e76e5b2-1024x1721.jpg
[Image 6d106664-88-6cefd0c82e015671da1a-5.jpg&s3=106664-88-a38386abeceb3e4758d1209ae2206d7f-1024x1743.jpg
POINT 1 New pill remover
This new pill remover has a sleek look and a comfortable grip, as well as an electronic display that shows the screen and a super-large dust bin. The 56mm ultra-large cutter head covers a wider range than normal pill removal, allowing you to easily remove various pills in a short time. Refresh your clothes in just 2 minutes, even when you’re in a hurry to get out.
POINT 2 Ultra-large LCD electronic display
Compared with the traditional pill remover, the new pill remover has an electronic display function. When you turn on the switch, you can clearly see the power indication and step adjustment, so you don’t have to worry about power loss during use.
POINT 3 Cordless type + USB rechargeable 2WAY available
USB charging and cordless type combined use, convenience UP. With a 2-way power supply system, it is a popular pill remover that can be used easily anywhere.
POINT 4 Can be used for 120 minutes with quick charge
This product uses a large-capacity battery of 1200mAh and puts effort into accelerating the charging speed. It can be used continuously for 120 minutes with 3 hours of charging, and there is no need to worry about power loss during use even when handling large materials such as sofas, bed sheets, and quilts. Solves worries and concerns such as “charging time is long and power drops as soon as you use it”. POINT 5 With safety protection device
In consideration of safety and security, a safety protection device is attached to the inner blade. The design does not switch on when the nest net cover is removed, so you can use it with confidence to avoid hurting people without a protective cover.
POINT 6 Large-capacity dust box
In order to avoid customer inconvenience such as frequently throwing away garbage during use, this product has a semi-transparent and large-capacity dust box that can be easily removed compared to other pill removers. The semi-transparent material allows you to clearly see the capacity of the box and prevents the machine from malfunctioning due to pilling caused by excessive accumulation of dust.
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