Shenzhen Lingyi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. Announced “PITAKA MagEZ Battery Pack” compatible with pocket-sized MagSafe and wireless charging

Shenzhen Lingyi Innovation Technology Co.,Ltd
Announcing the “PITAKA MagEZ Battery Pack”, which supports
pocket-sized MagSafe and wireless charging
Sales in Japan will start from November 14, 2022 (Monday)

Shenzhen Lingyi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., which develops and manufactures creative smartphones and tablet-related products, will start from November 14, 2022 (Monday) on the pocket-sized MagSafe function manufactured using its own aramid fiber. We will start selling the compatible wireless mobile battery “PITAKA MagEZ Battery Pack (Japanese reading: PITAKA MagEZ Battery Pack)” on a total of three EC sites: PITAKA Japanese official website, Amazon PitakaDirect, and Rakuten Ichiba PitakaDirect.
Founded in 2015, “PITAKA” is a digital peripheral brand that is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and is sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, including the United States and Germany. We manufacture peripheral devices such as smartphones and tablets with simple and stylish designs using high-tech materials, and have been selling products in Japan since 2016.
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[Compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging]
A pocket-sized MagSafe wireless charging mobile battery. With a thickness of 14 mm and a palm size, this product is one of the slimmest mobile batteries. By attaching a MagSafe-compatible mobile battery to the back of your iPhone 12/13/14, you can enjoy wireless charging without worrying about taking it out of your pocket or putting it away in your bag. And you can power your iPhone 14 up to 65% all day long.
*It is recommended to use it together with our “MagEZ Case 2” or “MagEZ Case 3” in order to improve the magnetic adsorption force and make charging more comfortable.
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[Slim and sophisticated design based on ergonomics]
The ergonomically designed curve fits comfortably in your hand, even on the go. Made of lightweight, high-strength aramid fiber, which is also used in the aerospace industry, and high-strength zinc alloy, this product is highly durable and its smooth texture creates a classic style. In addition, the mobile battery covered with aramid fiber has a smooth texture that exudes a classic style and is comfortable to hold all day long.
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In addition, this product has PITAKA’s unique Ukiori (Japanese reading: Ukiori, English name: Fusion Weaving) design. This product has two types of float designs, “Overture” and “Rhapsody”, and you can add color to your daily life by combining it with the float design “MagEZ Case 2 & 3” smartphone case. can make it, right.
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[Compatible with PITAKA MagEZ Slider]
It is possible to use this product in combination with the PITAKA MagEZ Slider, a MagSafe compatible desktop charger charging base. When you are at home or in the office and don’t need a mobile battery, you can set it up on the PITAKA MagEZ Slider and charge it. And when you need to charge on the go, you can slide it out with your smartphone. No more misplacing the mobile battery or forgetting to charge it. [Image 5

【Product Summary】
●Product name: PITAKA MagEZ Battery Pack (Japanese reading: PITAKA MagEZ battery pack)
Sales price: 9,999 yen (tax included)
Color: Black/Gray Twill Pattern, Floating Design: Overture (Overture), Floating Design: Rhapsody (Rhapsody)
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black gray twill pattern
[Image 7

Ukiori Design: Overture (Overture)
[Image 8

Ukiori Design: Rhapsody
● Sales site:
Official Japanese sales site:
MagEZ Battery Pack
Amazon Pitaka Direct:
Rakuten Market PitakaDirect:
*Until November 14th, it will be a pre-order period on the official Japanese site. Please be careful.
[Spec information]
[Image 9

■ About the PITAKA brand
PITAKA (Japanese reading: pitaka) is a unique brand launched by Shenzhen Lingyi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. Focusing on peripheral areas of gadget products such as smartphones, tablets, earphones, and smartwatches, it is a brand that proposes lifestyles with
unprecedented technology and aesthetics using innovative designs and original materials.
In addition, the brand name “PITAKA” is a Buddhist term derived from the ancient Indian language and means a basket for placing things. Usually, people focus only on the things in the basket, not worrying about the basket itself as a container, but rather taking it for granted. We hope that PITAKA brand products will blend into the user’s life like a basket, making life more convenient and better.
Official Japanese site:
Official Twitter (Japanese): Official Instagram (Japanese): Official Facebook (Japanese): Official YouTube (English): Amazon Pitaka Direct:
Rakuten Ichiba PitakaDirect: ■ About Shenzhen Lingyi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Lingyi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd (Chinese company name: Shenzhen Zero Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) was established in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China in November 2015 with CEO and independent designer Zheng Yanghui, an expert in composite materials. It was established by a professional team of industrial designers. Since its establishment, it has designed products that match various lifestyles by combining high-tech materials and innovative designs, and has proposed a convenient, simple, and unique lifestyle for users. The company name, Lingyi, expresses our philosophy of making something from 0 to 1, and innovating to create something out of nothing. Currently, we sell our products in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and have established bases in the United States in addition to China, actively promoting globalization.
≪Company Profile≫
[Company name] : Shenzhen Lingyi Innovation Technology Co.,Ltd (Chinese company name: Shenzhen Zero One Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) (Japanese reading: Shenzhen Linyi Innovation Technology)
[Head office address] : 12F,Block,Central,Avenue Building,Xixiang BLVD West,Baoan District,Shenzhen, 518100, Guangdong, China
[Representative] : CEO Yanghui Chung
[Established]: November 2015
[Capital]: 10 million yuan (about 200 million yen)
Details about this release:


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