Shimamura Closshi Premium introduces “warm lining PREMIUM pants”! !

Shimamura Co., Ltd.
Shimamura Closshi Premium introduces “warm lining PREMIUM pants”! !
Shimamura Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 1-602-1 Kitabukuro-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama Prefecture; Representative Director: Makoto Suzuki) has released “Ling Warm PREMIUM Pants” from the PB “CLOSSHI PREMIUM” at Fashion Center Shimamura. We will sell it.
■ CLOSSHI PREMIUM PREMIUM pants with lining. Sales started in 2014, and it is Shimamura’s private brand CLOSSHI PREMIUM, which has sold a total of 8 million units until last year.
The lining is made of velor material with a soft and moist texture, so you don’t have to wear layers, and these pants are warm enough on their own.
Common functions for both men’s and women’s products include anti-static function that suppresses the generation of static electricity, which is great in winter, and anti-bacterial and deodorizing function, which suppresses the growth of specific bacteria on the fabric and has a deodorizing effect. . In addition, it has a soft texture and a moist “moisturizing” finish.
Ladies’ and men’s will be sold in the 11/2 flyer.

[Image 1

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■Products for Ladies In addition to denim pants and colored pants, we have a large selection of items such as skirts, corduroy pants, and plaid pants, providing warmth and the fun of choosing. Both pants and skirts will be available for 2,970 yen including tax.
For ladies, a special film has a “windproof” function that prevents wind from passing through.
[Image 5

● About videos
Currently, we are releasing a demonstration video of Mr. Matsushita, a legend, for products for ladies.
Other videos are posted on our website, so please take a look. [Image 6

■ About products for men
In addition to denim pants and color pants, we have easy pants made of nylon material, all at 2,970 yen including tax.
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[Image 8

[Image 9
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