Shimane Prefecture #Shimane Life We will carry out a post gift campaign (1st)!

Shimane Prefecture
[#Shimane Life] We will carry out a post gift campaign (1st)! Commemorating the online talk show “Shimane x Polite Life”

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As a special project for the Shimane support site “Motto Remember Shimane”, an online talk show “Shimane x Polite Life” will be held on March 18th (Sat) next year! This time, to commemorate the holding of the special project, we will carry out the “#Shimane Life” post gift campaign (1st)!
 After registering as a member, please post what you think you can do in Shimane or what you would like to try in Shimane. 10 people will be selected by lottery from among those who have posted, and we will present an eco bag with an illustration of “Shimane Super Ambassador Yoshida-kun”.
You can easily register on the site (member registration) with your SNS account. Why don’t you take this opportunity to register as a member and apply for the campaign?
1. Purpose
Taking advantage of the holding of a special online talk show “Shimane x Polite Living”, we will try to acquire new registrants (members) and revitalize the site.
2. Present campaign period
 From November 25, 2020 (Friday) to December 25, 2020 (Sunday) 3. Application method
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Registered as a member of “Motto Remember Shimane”
Click here to register: Or from the 2D barcode below
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On [Rimeshima Post], post what you think is a “life you can do because it’s Shimane” or “a life you want to try in Shimane” with the hashtag “#Shimane Life”!
Post example)
○ Mt. Sanbe and Kotogahama, which I saw when I went on a trip, were wonderful. Someday I want to live surrounded by nature like this. ○I miss the sunset over Lake Shinji, which I used to watch when I was living at home. It might be a good idea to go back to Shimane and try living here♪
○ I want to live in Oki while fishing every day.
○ You can always watch your favorite Iwami Kagura!
4. Present contents
“More Rimeshima Special!” Eco bag for 10 people
[Image 4d36130-467-076347d0fff0a3e7d29b-4.jpg&s3=36130-467-235a190c70142eb70e860a7581d76b10-543x625.jpg
☆ The bag contains an illustration of Shimane Super Ambassador Yoshida-kun, the Honorary Leader of More Remember Shimane!
* Enjoy what kind of illustration it will be after winning!
*Please check the website for details. ( Special project: About the online talk show “Shimane x Polite Living” ○ Date: Saturday, March 18, 2023
○ Contents: Three performers from inside and outside the prefecture will be invited to talk about “a polite life that can only be done in Shimane”.
-Mr. Shinji Okudaira/Director of YouTube channel “OKUDAIRA BASE”- Born in Aichi Prefecture. After graduating from a welfare university, studied spatial design at the Kuwasawa Design Institute night club. Currently, on YouTube, she shares her daily life in an old private house and how to enjoy her time to the fullest.
About 350,000 channel subscribers and about 60 million total views. -Nozomi Toda/Owner of the vegetable kitchen Kuraniwa-
Born in Hamada City, Shimane Prefecture. After working in the restaurant industry for 10 years in Tokyo, he made a U-turn with his family in 2014 and opened the vegetable kitchen “kuraniwa”.
☆ An interview with Mr. Toda is now available on the site!
-Yuko Watanabe/Representative of “Musubiya”-
Born in Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture. In 11 years, he graduated from public service and started a community cafe, which was not yet in Shimane at the time, in order to spread the charm of Shimane’s food. Currently, he is engaged in activities that connect people with people, hearts and bodies, things and things, etc., while making salt on the full moon and new moon.
*Recruitment for participation in the talk show is scheduled to start at the end of January next year.
-“Let’s remember more”? –
This is a word-of-mouth posting site that was established in 2008 to disseminate information on the history, culture, nature, special products, etc. that Shimane Prefecture boasts of nationwide, and to improve the recognition of the prefecture. This spring, in order to have more people connect with Shimane, we have added new functions such as SNS account login and renewed it!

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