Shinchosha Co., Ltd. Takarazuka Revue Moon Troupe performance “Oten no Mon”, poster visual lifted! 50 episodes of the original manga are now available for free at “Kurage Bunch”! !

Shinchosha Co., Ltd.
Takarazuka Revue Tsukigumi performance “Oten no Mon” poster visual unveiled! 50 episodes of the original manga are now available for free at “Kurage Bunch”! !

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(C) Takarazuka Revue Company
The Takarazuka Revue Tsukigumi Performance Heian Morning Climb “Oten no Mon” – about the young Michizane Sugawara – has released a poster visual for the performance. Under the full moon, Kana Tsukishiro’s “Sugawara no Michizane”, Umino Mitsuki’s “Akihime”, and Hozuki Anne’s “Arihara Narihira” are all attractive poster visuals.
This work is the first stage adaptation of “Oten no Mon” (written by Haibara Yaku), which is being serialized in “Monthly Comic Bunch”. The performance will be performed at the Takarazuka Grand Theater in Hyogo from February 4th to March 6th, 2023, and at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater in Tokyo from March 25th to April 30th. General ticket sales will begin on January 7, 2023 for the Takarazuka Grand Theater performance and February 26, 2023 for the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater performance.
In addition, the latest volume 16 of “Oten no Mon”, the original work, will be released on November 9th. It is a luxurious specification that comes with Michizane & Narihira Hyakunin Isshu-style stickers as a first-time bonus. In addition, 50 episodes are being released for free for a limited time until November 21 at “Kurage Bunch”.

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-Performance overview-
Heian-cho Climb
“Gate of Oten”
―The young Sugawara no Michizane―
Original / Haikyuu “Oten no Mon” (published by Shinchosha Bunch Comics) Screenplay/director: Daisuke Tabuchi
latin groove
“Deep Sea -Carnaval of the Sea Gods-”
Written and directed by Taiji Inaba
Tsukigumi Performance [Leaders] Kanato Tsukishiro, Mizuki Umino ■ Takarazuka Grand Theater: February 4 to March 6, 2023
■ Tokyo Takarazuka Theater: March 25 to April 30, 2023
Takarazuka Revue Official Homepage: [Image 3

Gate of Oten
[Author name] Haibaru
[Published] Shinchosha
[Published medium] Serialized in “Monthly Comic Bunch”
[Already published] Volumes 1-16 *The latest volume 16 will be released on November 9th
[Body list price] 640 yen (excluding tax)
[Official Twitter]
[Jellyfish bunch URL] *50 episodes are available for free until November 20th at “Kurage Bunch”! [Image 4d47877-770-9133ffa4280acf3b1c7b-0.jpg&s3=47877-770-4613031d0f04fe7256fb644de91e2adb-1440x600.jpg

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