Shiroyama Kanko Co., Ltd. Nationwide road show on November 11 Participated in the “# Japanese door closing p roject”, which was launched with the long-awaited latest work “Suzume no Tobari” directed by Makoto Shinkai

Shiroyama Tourism Co., Ltd.
Nationwide road show on November 11th Participated in the “#Japan’s Tojime Project”, which was launched with the long-awaited latest work “Suzume no Tojimari” directed by Makoto Shinkai
Tie-up Project -Part 1-: Starting Friday, November 4, 2022

SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima (Shiroyama Kanko Co., Ltd./Location: Kagoshima City/President: Seisaburo Higashi) is the “Japan’s Door Closure Project,” which was launched with Makoto Shinkai’s
long-awaited latest movie “Suzume no Tojimari” as a starting point. We will participate in the promotion from November 4, 2022 (Friday) to January 31, 2023 (Tuesday), prior to the nationwide release date of the movie. The copy of the project is based on the theme of “Next” and “Lock the door and move on”. Companies from all over the country will participate.
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■Overview of the movie “Suzume no Tojiri”
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Directed by Makoto Shinkai, “Your Name. A new movie for the first time in three years following “Weathering with You”. The culmination of Makoto Shinkai’s masterpiece.
-National Release Date-
Friday, November 11, 2022
Suzume, a 17-year-old girl who lives in Kyushu, meets a traveling young man who is “looking for a door.” After following him, he finds a lonely door in the ruins of the mountains, and Suzume reaches out to open it. Before long, doors began to open one after another in various parts of Japan. It is said that the open door must be closed because disaster will come from the other side. Led by a mysterious door, Suzume’s “Journey to Close the Door” begins.
Tie-up project details – 1st round –
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1. Present 100 movie tickets to Kagoshima Children’s Cafeteria Support Salon “Takushite”
Presentation date and time: Tuesday, November 8, 10:30-
We would like to donate to a salon that supports children’s cafeterias with food ingredients and conducts operator training sessions, so that children can enjoy movies and use them as clues to build the future. 2. Release of accommodation plan (with breakfast) with movie ticket Period: Friday, November 4, 2022 to Thursday, November 10, 2022 This is a 7-day sale limited plan that includes a movie ticket and a one-night stay with breakfast. The popular breakfast, which won a prize in the ranking of hotels with delicious breakfasts, has 80 types of Japanese and Western buffet dishes.
*Mubichike: A digital movie ticket that can be used anywhere in Japan and allows seat selection online.
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3. Display a support sticker on the hotel’s original products Period: From Monday, November 14, 2022
Hotel original support stickers will be affixed and sold on shop product packages such as flower bread that has been loved for a long time in the region.
-Sales location-Shops in the hotel: Maison de Favor, Satsuma Bimi Gyokusen / SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima Kagoshima Chuo Station / SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima Yamagataya
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4. Shiroyama Shuttle Bus 2 Bus Belt Design to “Suzume no Tobari” Design Specifications
Period: From Monday, November 7, 2022
We will wrap the car body of the free shuttle bus that circulates from the hotel to Tenmonkan, the downtown area, and Kagoshima Chuo Station, with the design of “Suzume no Toshimari”.
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Overview of SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima
SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima, which started with the opening of a popsicle store in 1948 (Showa 23), shortly after the war, will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2023 and the 60th anniversary of its opening. Standing on the hill of “Shiroyama” with an altitude of 108m, it offers a superb view overlooking the city area, Kinko Bay and Sakurajima, and provides a high-quality space and relaxing time with attentive and comfortable hospitality. The renovation of the hotel facilities, which has been under a five-year plan since 2018, will be completed on April 29, 2022 with the reopening of the guest rooms in the central building. As a hotel rooted in the land of Kagoshima, we strive to create a space that values ​​harmony between the history of 59 years and the nature of Mt. Shiroyama. We will make use of it and provide our customers with a “beautiful forest, beautiful time” that can only be experienced here.
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