Shiseido Co., Ltd. SHISEIDO Develops a new campaign with the theme of “ALIVE WITH DOKIDOKI I want to be excited, because now.”

Shiseido Co., Ltd.
SHISEIDO Deploying a new campaign with the theme of “ALIVE WITH DOKIDOKI I want to feel my heart pounding, because now.”

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Shiseido, which celebrated its 150th anniversary this year, is a global brand “SHISEIDO” that develops skin care and makeup as a prestige line in 88 countries and regions around the world.
This time, SHISEIDO will launch a campaign from the 2022 holiday season with the theme of “ALIVE WITH DOKIDOKI, I want to be excited, now.”
SHISEIDO believes that the essential beauty of a person is born from the vitality of life. Our unique approach to that end is to improve the “circle of beauty”. Realize lustrous skin full of vitality through “beauty tours”. By strengthening the skin, we want to provide the power of supple beauty that gives you confidence from the inside to everyone who wants to face their own life.
There is a movement to reconsider what is really important to oneself due to the long and restrictive life. We launched the campaign with the desire to receive from beauty and make hearts flutter. In addition, through this, as a brand originating in Japan, we will convey the wonder of “Japanese beauty”.
The campaign is based on the theme of “I want to be excited, because now”, and this time we will focus on one of the beauty of Japan, “touch”, and send the message “I want to touch and touch. I want to experience the direct feeling”. . We will introduce the feel of SHISEIDO, which also has a commitment to texture.
In addition to the brand’s symbolic item, the serum “SHISEIDO Ultimune (TM) Power Infusing Concentrate III” (50mL reference retail price 13,200 yen including tax, 30mL 8,800 yen including tax) that brings out unwavering and powerful beauty, Purunto Moisturizing cream “SHISEIDO Essential Energy Hydrating Cream” (7,150 yen for 50g) that leads to smooth and soft skin, and lotion “Shiseido Eudermine”, which has been handed down as the origin of Shiseido skin care “water of life”. Introducing the “SHISEIDO DAIYAFUDE Face Duo” (5,280 yen) and “SHISEIDO HANATUBAKI HAKE Polishing Face Brush” (5,720 yen), cultivated in the rich history of Japanese brush making. The leaflet “DOKIDOKI Book” will be distributed at stores from December 1st. *Prices are reference retail prices. (It may vary depending on the store) In addition, we will also develop a digital greeting content “ORIGAMI BOX” limited to the holiday season with origami motifs, which is also the theme of this year’s holiday collection.
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Japan has a culture of wrapping things with heart, and this holiday collection was created in collaboration with origami artist Tomoko Fuse. This is a service that allows you to send a special message with love in this season when you think about your loved ones.
In addition, from November 1st, a holiday special SNS campaign will be held to present 30 people with a holiday limited skin care kit of Ultimune serum (50mL) and a special size moisturizer (30g).
【Application method】
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In addition, if you let us know in the comments “your favorite SHISEIDO product or the SHISEIDO product you are interested in”, your chances of winning will increase.
Applications are until December 24th (Sat).
“ALIVE WITH DOKIDOKI I want to be excited, because now.” Campaign special site URL: Details about this release:


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