Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd. Drunk Elephant Coming to the Kansai area again! “Drunk Holiday in Osaka” will b e held for a limited time from November 23 (Wednesday) to 29 (Tuesday), 2022

Shiseido Japan Co., Ltd.
[Drunk Elephant] Appearing again in the Kansai area! “Drunk Holiday in Osaka” will be held for a limited time from November 23 (Wednesday) to 29 (Tuesday), 2022
Opened in Kirei Kirei Studio on the 2nd floor of Hankyu Umeda Main Store. Pre-sale of the holiday collection is also carried out.
Drunk Holiday in Osaka
Drunk Elephant is back in the Osaka area!
“Drunk Elephant” develops skin care products made only with
biocompatible ingredients that lead to happy skin. At Drunk Elephant, we believe that treating your skin with the ingredients it needs is the way to take care of it.
[Image 1d84484-54-b36120434eb8e299ea3b-0.jpg&s3=84484-54-c9c9c07f280d990d67cb081dae28cf8d-345x276.jpg
Biocompatible skin care brand “Drunk Elephant”
A limited-time pop-up store “Drunk Holiday in Osaka” centered on holiday collections will be opened for a limited time from November 23 (Wednesday) to November 29 (Tuesday), 2022 at the Kirei Kirei Studio on the 2nd floor of the Hankyu Umeda Main Store. .
Two products from the 2022 holiday collection will be released in advance, and you can experience the unique skin care method “palm smoothie”, as well as event-only campaigns.
Event details
Event name: Drunk Holiday in Osaka
Date: November 23 (Wednesday) to November 29 (Tuesday), 2022 Hours: 10:00-20:00*
*According to department store business hours
*Subject to change without notice.
Venue: Kirei Kirei Studio on the 2nd floor of Hankyu Umeda Main Store Drunk Elephant Holiday Collection 2022 “THE DRUNK 30” Pre-sale Two types of holiday items scheduled to be released on November 25, 2022 (Friday), “Owakening Day Kit” & “Unforgettable Night Night Kit” will be pre-sold at “Drunk Holiday in Osaka” and HANKYU BEAUTY ONLINE. Enjoy the holiday season with two exciting kits as a reward and colorful and powerful kits on your side during this brightest time of the year.
Each kit includes the popular Drunk Elephant Serum and 3 items in special sizes that are perfect for your morning and evening routines. ■What is THE DRUNK 30?
At Drunk Elephant, we want you to be happy not only in your mood but also in your skin during the holiday season.
With that in mind, in 2022, we are proposing two types of kits that you can use plenty of, with the actual size of the serum for morning and night. happy holiday!
[Image 2d84484-54-71f0126638dcfba22162-3.jpg&s3=84484-54-4524555d3023bad8e8c87aefc2b051ce-2000x2000.jpg
■ “Owakening Day Kit”
[Image 3d84484-54-e81d75c9a4fdbe440d4d-1.jpg&s3=84484-54-48289911671fb2cd09c05773517a6fd1-2000x2000.jpg
・Product name: Drunk Elephant Owakening Day Kit
・Price: 10,340 yen (tax included)
・Kit contents:
₋ Seapharma Fresh Day Serum 28mL (actual product)
₋ Lala Retro Whipped Cream 30mL (special size)
₋Bee Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum 8mL (special size)
₋Sea Tango Multi V Eye Cream 5mL (special size)
■ “Unforgettable Night Night Kit”
[Image 4d84484-54-6277afd9795f97cfb48c-2.jpg&s3=84484-54-f780efee2e0097439e0607fec89bcc0e-2000x2000.jpg
・Product name: Drunk Elephant Unforgettable Night Night Kit
・Price: 11,880 yen (tax included)
・Kit contents:
-TLC Franbooth Glycolic Night Serum 30mL (actual product)
-Lara retro whipped cream 30mL (special size)
-Besty Number Nine Jelly Cleanser 30mL (special size)
-F Balm Electrolite Water Facial 14.4g (special size)
Event-limited kits and special items for visitors
[Image 5d84484-54-176f6390c8362e20a966-6.jpg&s3=84484-54-01e78f0ad791a14a6afa4f8314e47645-2268x1782.jpg
[Image 6d84484-54-5d4a790f47a499ebfc15-5.jpg&s3=84484-54-c8996af5b4923fe6ab3cd04291537d7c-3900x3900.jpg
During the period, customers who purchase one or more Drunk Elephant products will receive an original pin badge. It is also recommended to choose your favorite pin according to the selected palm smoothie recipe.
In addition, customers who purchase Drunk Elephant products for 12,000 yen (tax included) or more will receive a special eco bag and Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil in a special size (5 mL).
[Image 7d84484-54-fc6b8e20d5add62377d2-4.jpg&s3=84484-54-888340c3278c86d4d51d86b99a1fe77f-650x650.jpg
■ About Drunk Elephant
At Drunk Elephant, we believe that treating your skin with the ingredients it needs is the way to take care of it. Drunk Elephant’s skin care method, “Palm Smoothie,” balances moisture and oil, and supports happy skin that maintains the beauty of bare skin by balancing the skin’s moisture barrier function.


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