Shiseido Parlor Co., Ltd. “FARO” won! ~”Michelin Guide Tokyo 2023″~ “One Star” for three consecutive years and “Green Star” for two consecutive years

Shiseido Parlor Co., Ltd.
“FARO” won! ~”Michelin Guide Tokyo 2023″~ “One Star” for three consecutive years and “Green Star” for two consecutive years
In Ginza, Tokyo, the innovative Italian restaurant “FARO” managed by Shiseido and operated by Shiseido Parlor will be published in the book “Michelin Guide Tokyo 2023” published on Friday, November 18, 2022. For the third year in a row, it has been awarded a “one-star” award for “excellent cuisine worth visiting.” For the second year in a row, the restaurant has also been awarded the Green Star, a symbol that highlights restaurants that are at the forefront of sustainable gastronomy.
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Faro, located on the 10th floor of the Shiseido Building in Ginza, Tokyo, offers modern and original creations (dishes) that combine the rich ingredients and culture of Japan with the tradition and innovation of contemporary Italian cuisine. I’m here. Aiming to be a restaurant that shines light on the world from the land of Ginza Like the name Faro (lighthouse), we have been at the forefront of the Italian cuisine world for 20 years and have two restaurants in Italy that illuminate the new food culture. Executive Chef Kotaro Noda, the only Japanese to bring a Michelin star to . Faro puts a lot of effort into the vegan course, which Noda says is “a new expression rather than a restriction. This is a course menu that we would like not only vegans but also many people who want to eat deliciously and be beautiful from the inside out. At the same time, I feel the
possibility of sustainability and peace in the vegan lifestyle, and through a diet that does not burden the environment or animals, I am working to “live a rich and enjoyable life while protecting the beauty of the earth and society.” Pursue.
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At FARO, we aim to have “every staff member as a food curator” and travel around the country to deepen our ties with producers. From tableware, cutlers, and table accessories, from the desire to preserve the wonderful traditional culture of Japan, Niigata Kumiko, Tajimi and Arita tableware, Imabari textiles, Edo Kiriko glasses, etc. We are particular about .
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The space is elegant and stylish with the image of a fusion of Japanese and Western styles. The interior of the store, which is based on the gradation of colors that make you feel the nature of the earth, the sea, and the sky, creates a tasteful expression during the day and night. Enjoy gastronomy full of surprises and fun in a space reminiscent of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

“Faro” executive chef Kotaro Noda’s award-winning comment

“I am very happy that FARO was recognized again this time. With the support of many people, FARO is able to welcome customers every day and have a great time. The value that FARO envisions. We will share our views with everyone and continue to work diligently to become a sustainable restaurant.”
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[Kotaro Noda Career]
1974 Born in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture
In 1996, he took his first steps as a chef at “Marchage” in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.
In 1999, he traveled to Italy for the first time and devoted himself to his studies.
2004 “Enoteca Rattle” (Viterbo) head chef
2010 Acquired one star in the “Michelin Guide Italy”.
2014 “Bistro 64” (Rome), head chef
In 2016, it received one star in the “Michelin Guide Italy”. “Bistro 64” owner chef
2017 Winner of “Taste the World” (Abu Dhabi)
2018 “Faro” Executive Chef
2020 Acquired one star in “Michelin Guide Tokyo 2021”
2021 Acquired one star and green star in “Michelin Guide Tokyo 2022” 2022 At “Gambero Rosso 2023 – Top Italian Restaurants in the World (Tokyo Edition)”
Winner of 2 Fork and Best Contemporary Wine List Awards
Acquired 5 radishes in “We’re Smart Green Guide”

Store overview
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Shiseido’s Restaurant Business
Shiseido was founded in 1872 in Ginza, Tokyo as Japan’s first Western-style pharmacy. In 1902, founder Arinobu Fukuhara opened a soda fountain in a corner of Shiseido Pharmacy, referring to the drug store in the United States that he visited on his way home from the 1900 Paris World Exposition. We manufactured and sold rare ice cream, and it became a specialty of Ginza. In 1928, he opened Shiseido Parlor, which offers authentic Western cuisine. As a pioneer of Western cuisine and as a symbol of Ginza, we propose new value to many customers, and strive to realize Shiseido’s slogan, BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD. working in the field.
“Faro Shiseido” opened as an authentic Italian restaurant in the current Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building, which was completed in 2001. From October 2018, we welcomed Kotaro Noda as a new executive chef and reborn as a new “Faro”.
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About the Michelin Guide
The “Michelin Guide” was launched in August 1900 by the French tire manufacturer Michelin, and is known worldwide as a guidebook published based on independent research. In November 2007, the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2008 was published for the first time in Asia, and this year marks the 16th year of publication.
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