Shizuoka’s esthetic-inspired natural cosmetics “Emuir” will be on stage as a guest! Reasons why we continue to deliver newsletters for 27 years even in the digital age

Shizuoka’s esthetic-inspired natural cosmetics “Emuir” will be on stage as a guest! Reasons why we continue to deliver newsletters for 27 years even in the digital age
The 9th Minna no CRM will be held online on December 7th.

EC and D2C marketing produce company, Lifex Co., Ltd. (located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ichiro Kudo, hereinafter referred to as Lifex) is Japan Health Mate Co., Ltd. Emuir Cosmetics (located in Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, CEO: Ikuhiro Shiraishi (hereafter referred to as Emuir Cosmetics) will invite Ms. Yoko Tarubaki from Public Relations as a guest to hold a CRM study session on the theme of “Newsletters”.
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Minna no CRM holding background
“CRM for Everyone” is a CRM study session held on the second Wednesday of every month from 13:00 to 14:00. For the purpose of community formation and enlightenment of CRM managers who operate EC and D2C brands, we have set up a theme related to CRM and held it regularly from February 2022 as a more interactive study session.
Study session overview
The theme of this time is about the reason why Shizuoka’s
esthetic-inspired natural cosmetics “Emuir” continues to deliver newsletters for 27 years.
Émuir Cosmetics has been producing newsletters for 27 years. What is the reason why you have continued to transmit information in analog while digital marketing efforts centered on the Internet have become mainstream?
This is the philosophy of Émuir Cosmetics, which puts customers first, not trends.
This time, we have invited Ms. Yoko Tarubaki, who is in charge of public relations at Émuir Cosmetics, as a guest to talk about what it takes to continue to be the brand of choice for customers amid the emergence of various similar brands.
For those who want to start a new newsletter as a place to have contact with customers, those who are already working on a newsletter and want to improve it, and efforts to disseminate information using analog paper media, not limited to newsletters. It will be an online seminar for those who want to learn.
▼Date and time
2022/12/07 (Wed) 13:00~14:00
Zoom held (There is a missed archive delivery on YouTube)
▼Participation fee
▼ How to apply
Please apply below.

静岡発・エステ発想の自然派化粧品「エミュアール」が 27年会報誌を届け続ける理由

Program of the day
1. Three basic keys for the “bulletin”
Focus on the following three items and learn the basic key.
1. Corporate stance: Make the company feel familiar through staff introductions. 2. Regular contact: Strengthen trust with customers and make them like the brand 3. Utilization of cross-selling: You can directly guide other recommended products.
Lifex Co., Ltd. CRM Manager Kiyofumi Emori
Operated our own e-commerce for PC software and consumer electronics sales on the direct sales site of New Year’s card software [Fudemame], achieved 120% compared to the previous year, and received the President’s Award. After that, he entered the cosmetics industry by making use of his experience. Coordinating the CRM operations of two companies in the DtoC area, specializing in email measures, DM measures, and packaging measures, contributing to maximizing annual LTV in various cosmetics fields. Currently, using that technology, Lifex implements communication design in various fields and realizes improvement of client’s LTV.
2. The reason why Shizuoka’s esthetic-inspired natural cosmetics “Emuir” continues to deliver newsletters for 27 years
-3 questions from Emuir Cosmetics-
・Reasons for continuing the newsletter for 27 years
・How do you create content for newsletters?
・Why do you stick to analog paper?
Nihon Health Mate Co., Ltd. Emuir Cosmetics
Public Relations Yoko Tarubaki
It has been 20 years since he joined Emuir Cosmetics, and two years ago he became a public relations officer and is in charge of content creation such as interviews with regular users in the quarterly magazine “KIREI”. After opening a store at an event in her hometown of Shizuoka, she learned the importance of connecting with people, and is currently disseminating information widely while receiving one-to-one skin consultations mainly on SNS.
3. Q&A
Emuir Cosmetics Company Profile
[Image 2d80048-21-b78c5c090b17d5f95ec8-1.png&s3=80048-21-6776b61df7ed2289d9eee62c92e5a0ba-400x90.png
Emuir Cosmetics was developed based on the voices of beauty salon customers who have skin problems. The main ingredient of this cosmetic product is natural gel, which has a similar function to intercellular lipids that keep the skin moisturized.
Based on the “natural gel (mucilage)” contained in animals, plants, seaweed, clay, etc. that exist in the natural world, licorice extract, herbal extract, and herbal medicine are blended in a well-balanced manner to activate the skin from the cellular level. Helps the work to encourage, and continues to care for the skin for 24 hours.
Instead of hiding skin problems, it regulates the rhythm of skin metabolism, brings out the skin’s natural freshness and fine texture, and supports the skin’s ability to become beautiful on its own. Company name: Japan Health Mate Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Ikuhiro Shiraishi
Head office location: Emuir Building 2F, 2-2-12 Mabuchi, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Founded: July 1977
Established: August 1978
Business description: Cosmetics manufacturing and sales, health food manufacturing and sales, beauty school management, skin care salon management
Lifex Co., Ltd. Company Profile
[Image 3d80048-21-d12e7d1650b49c0f1323-2.png&s3=80048-21-47a12471d60c19ce81b35ddb06c8fe2c-2445x520.png
Lifex Co., Ltd. is a company that provides comprehensive marketing support, mainly for EC and mail order companies, from new customer acquisition using advertising, SNS, PR, etc. to the CRM area responsible for nurturing existing customers. .
Since our founding in 2009, we have been involved in supporting more than 300 companies and have accumulated know-how.
“Branding” is an important aspect of this support. Solidifying the brand image through dialogue with the management of the client company, instilling brand awareness in the field by talking with employees in each department, attracting new customers and nurturing customers through consistent branding. We will provide total support and escort you.
Company name: Lifeex Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Ichiro Kudo
Head office location: Akasaka 6-13-13, Minato-ku, Tokyo Est Grandir CARO Akasaka 1F
Established: February 2009
Business description: Branding business, marketing business, CRM support business
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