Shochiku Entertainment Co., Ltd. Japan’s first rakugo storyteller becomes a beautiful girl VTuber. Demonstration version delivered on November 14th

Shochiku Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Japan’s first rakugo storyteller becomes a beautiful girl VTuber. Demonstration version delivered on November 14th

“To hand down Kamigata rakugo to the next generation.”
A project to pass on Kamigata rakugo to the future, a collaboration between Kyoto University of the Arts Character Design Department and the next-generation rakugo storyteller unit “Goraku Shōjin”. At the press conference held on October 4th, turning a rakugo storyteller into a beautiful VTuber became a hot topic, and a demonstration version was produced.
It is rare for rakugoka to become VTubers, and it is probably the first effort in Japan.
The character design incorporates the personalities and
characteristics that the students felt when they actually interacted with each of the Goraku Shojin members. I will be performing rakugo as a beautiful girl VTuber.
On the day of the event, the Goraku Shōjin members will transform into beautiful VTubes and perform rakugo, develop secret stories from the students who developed them, and set up a question and answer corner where viewers can participate in real time.
We are also planning to deliver an archive for those who could not watch it in real time. Thank you for your participation and listening. [Overview]
Date and time: November 14th (Monday) from 18:30 to 19:30 (planned) Venue: Gorakushojin Official YouTube Channel “Gorakushojin Instruction Manual” URL: [Image 1

[Crowdfunding is also being held at the same time]
Through this demonstration distribution, we will expand awareness of Kamigata Rakugo, which has evolved into a modern style based on the ideas of classical performing arts × Generation Z students, to people of a wide range of age groups, and student activities for the traditional performing art “Rakugo”. Thank you for your support and support for the crowdfunding that is currently underway for this project (until December 2, 2023).
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[Image 2

Comment from rakugo storyteller unit “Goraku Shōjin”
[Image 3

[Shofukutei iron kettle]
I never dreamed that I would be able to become a storyteller and be a model character.
Moreover, it works as a Vtuber. Talk.
Please enjoy Goraku Shojin in the video. Ah! Don’t forget the raw Gorakusho people.
[Kyosuke Shofukutei]
I think the day has finally come! I think it would be interesting if even VTubers could do rakugo from now on.
Comic dialogues, skits, and Ogiri are also interesting. I would like to show you a new world.
[Shofukutei Seiju]
This time, “Gorakushojin” will be turned into a VTuber… Is it a place where honest impressions can not be imagined (lol)
How did we appear in the eyes of young people? Looking forward to it, I would like to push on to new grounds again.
[Sakinosuke Katsura]
The second collaboration project with Kyoto University of the Arts students! Gorakusho people’s VTuber conversion project will finally come true.
Please look forward to the success of five Vtubers who have turned into beautiful girls.
[Shofukutei Ryoko]
Gorakusho people become beautiful girl characters?
Vtuber does rakugo?
Mr. U, the manager who comes up with one crazy project after another. But in the virtual world, new rakugo charms may be discovered, and new entertainment may be born. I am really looking forward to it. ■ Educational juridical person Uryuyama Gakuen Kyoto University of the Arts Location: 2-116 Kitashirakawa Uryuyama, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Faculty organization: 13 departments, 23 courses (Department of Arts and Crafts, Department of Manga, Department of Character Design, Department of Information Design, Department of Product Design, Department of Spatial Design, Department of Environmental Design, Department of Film, Department of Performing Arts, Department of Literary Expression, Department of Art Production , Department of Art for Children, Department of Historical Heritage)
Enrollment: 3,926
■ Shochiku Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 2-5-7 Kitakyuhoji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka URL:
■ FUKUMARU Co., Ltd.
Head office location: HANA Building 2F, 2-26-16 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo URL: NFT support, production support

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