Shogakukan Co., Ltd. Can be used for dryness anytime, anywhere! The appendix of the latest issue of DIME is a convenient “portable stick humidifier”

Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
You can use it anytime, anywhere to prevent dryness! The appendix of the latest issue of DIME is a convenient “portable stick humidifier”

In the January issue of DIME magazine, released on November 21st, a convenient “portable stick humidifier” that can handle a wide range of containers such as glasses, bottles, and plastic bottles appeared as an appendix. It’s slim and compact, so it’s easy to carry around, and all you need is a container of water and a USB power supply. It is a convenient item that is indispensable for the coming season, with a strong mist that can be sprayed vigorously to prevent dryness anytime, anywhere.
[Image 1

*Bottle is not included.
What’s more, the length can be adjusted with the two included sticks, so you can use different types of PET bottles from small to large types. It is a super convenient item that can be used immediately when the air feels dry, such as in a dry office, bedroom or living room at home, or a hotel used for travel or business trips.
[Image 2

The length can be adjusted according to the size of the PET bottle. [Image 3

After putting it in a container with water, turn on the switch of the main body and the mist will blow out vigorously. During operation, the upper part of the main unit glows blue!
[Image 4

Even if the length of the stick changes, the mist will be ejected firmly. [Image 5

In an office where the air tends to be dry.
[Image 6

In the living room where the humidity does not rise easily.
[Image 7

Great for working from home!
[Image 8

It can also be used at hotels where you stay on business trips and trips! In the coming season, when the humidity in the air and indoors is low, not only is it easier for the skin to lose moisture, but the mucous membranes of the throat and nose tend to dry out, weakening the self-defense function. We would like you to use it as a countermeasure against dryness, which is the enemy of beauty and health.
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[Image 11
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