Shogakukan Co., Ltd. Yumi Wakatsuki experiences tree planting! Yves Rocher x Biteki Oggi “Mimori Project” participated in “Kimitsu Aeon Forest Creation” tree planting experience!

Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
Yumi Wakatsuki Experiences Tree Planting! Yves Rocher x Biteki Oggi “Mimori Project” participated in “Kimitsu Aeon Forest Creation” tree planting experience!

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▲Yumi Wakatsuki experienced tree planting. The seedlings that were planted for the first time.
On November 6, 2022 (Sunday), Shogakukan’s magazine media “Aesthetic” and “Oggi” and the botanical beauty care brand, Eve・Participated in the “Mimori Project” that Roche is working on. “Oggi” exclusive beauty model Yumi Wakatsuki also experienced tree planting.
Tree planting activities at “Kimitsu Aeon Forest”!
The “Kimitsu Aeon Forest” is a forest that the Aeon Environmental Foundation has started planting in 2021 in collaboration with the Forestry Agency and Kimitsu City to restore greenery to the felled land of national forests. In the past two tree plantings, a total of 410 people have planted 3,440 trees of 17 species native to Chiba Prefecture, including Himekomatsu and Kimitsu City’s flower, Rhododendron dilatatum. This is the third time that we have planted an additional 3,000 trees.
About 40 applicants from the readers’ organizations of “Biteki” and “Oggi” participated in this event. Many of them were new to tree planting, but they seemed to enjoy the experience of planting trees in the forest under the guidance of the Aeon Environmental Foundation. This time, we planted two kinds of cedar and wild cherry.
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▲ Commemorative photo of the readers of “Biteki” and “Oggi” who participated in the event.
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▲ Digging a hole with a shovel and planting seedlings.

Yumi Wakatsuki “I was ignorant, but I was able to help create nature.” For Yumi Wakatsuki, who participated, this was her first time planting trees. “I’m ashamed to say that I was so ignorant that I wondered what kind of size tree saplings were in the first place. Also, as a beauty lover, many of the cosmetics these days are derived from nature, and I always think that I can’t live without nature, so I was able to help create nature with my own hands. I was happy that I was able to participate in the ‘Mimori Project’ this time, and it was a lot of fun.”
All the participants shared their impressions, saying, “I’m really looking forward to seeing how the seedlings we planted this time will grow in the future.”
What is “Mimori Project”?
The “Mimori Project” is an initiative started by Shogakukan, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2022, and Yves Rocher, a French botanical beauty care brand celebrating its 3rd anniversary in Japan. As a publishing company, Shogakukan has continued its afforestation business since the 1990s in order to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions while securing paper for the future. And Yves Rocher, who is focusing on environmental activities and has planted 100 million trees (35 countries around the world, 2020) through the Yves Rocher Foundation. The goal of both companies, which share the same aspirations, is to “not only improve beauty, but also create a cycle of happiness.” Going forward, we will continue to seek ways to enjoy participating in consumer activities that are familiar to us. [Image 4d13640-1940-67a07eca82be482f4cdf-7.jpg&s3=13640-1940-1fa8da181f30687f681c109dd79ab44f-3900x2601.jpg

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