Shogakukan-Shueisha Production Co., Ltd. (ShoPro) The world-famous woodcut artist Hasui Kawase’s “Santa Claus in the Snow Garden” will be on the label-lottery sales will start from 12:00 noon on Monday, November 28th!!

Shogakukan Shueisha Production Co., Ltd. (ShoPro)
The world-famous woodcut artist Kawase Hasui’s “Santa Claus in the Snow Garden” will be on the label. Lottery sales will start from 12:00 noon on November 28 (Monday)!!
Christmas season is here! Whiskey perfect for gifts

Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinichiro Tsuzuki) will release Hasui Kawase “Santa Claus in Snow Garden” label whiskey from 12:00 noon on Monday, November 28, 2022. We will start selling by lottery on the whiskey specialty site “WHISKY MEW”.
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Image courtesy of Watanabe Woodblock Print Co.
Hasui Kawase, a woodcut artist in the Taisho and Showa periods. Throughout his life, he continued to paint poetic landscape prints, and his name has become widely known overseas.
“Santa Claus in the Snow Garden” is a work with a rare motif of Santa Claus being drawn in a snowscape at night, which is often seen in Hasui’s works. It was drawn for the cover. The publisher of Hasui’s work, Watanabe Woodblock Print Art Gallery, has collected the best of modern craftsmen and designed the label using a reprinted version that has been newly created from woodblock carving to printing.
Whiskey is “Balmenac 2010”. Balmenac Distillery, located in the back of the Speyside region with a history of about 200 years, mainly supplies malts to many blended whiskeys such as Johnnie Walker, but single malts will be officially released. is rare, so this one is a rare single malt.
According to whiskey critic Hideo Yamaoka, it has a clean, refreshing aroma, a spicy finish, and a sense of transparency, as well as a profound feeling that makes it difficult to feel the short aging period.
In the world of Hasui’s woodblock prints, known for his lyrical style, the casually drawn Santa Claus is a label that will make you feel indescribable.
“With the arrival of the Christmas season, how about a present?” -Product Summary-
“Snow Garden Santa Claus” label whiskey / Balmenac 2010
Price including tax 14,850 yen
A total of 239 pieces. 700 ml. Aged 11 years. Alcohol content 51.6% The raw material is malt. Origin: Scotland (UK)
-Lottery sales-
Lottery application acceptance period / November 28, 2022 (Monday) 12:00 to December 1, 2022 (Thursday) 23:59
* It will be sold to those who are elected by lottery.
* Number of lottery sales / lottery number: 132
-How to buy-
Whiskey specialty site [WHISKY MEW]
* Sales will be by lottery.
*Applications are limited to one application per person. Applications from cohabitants will be disqualified.
*Drinking by those under the age of 20 is prohibited by law. ※Non-returnable.
*We do not accept transfer of delivery address.
*Please do not purchase for the purpose of resale, as we want as many people as possible to purchase at a reasonable price. We do not guarantee the quality and safety of products purchased secondarily at auctions, etc.
《Whiskey Critic Hideo Yamaoka》
[Image 2d2610-747-3343628620f8067bcfdf-1.jpg&s3=2610-747-9cba0036a0d1ad5cd391b97a4922bf9a-560x745.jpg
Whiskey journalist and translator.
It has a global network and was selected as one of the 16 whiskey collectors in the world in “Collecting Scotch Whiskey”. He has also won eight times in overseas nosing contests.
I am the supervisor of the whiskey specialty site “WHISKY MEW”. He has written and translated many books on whiskey, including the DVDBOOK “Scenery with Single Malt” (Shogakukan). Supervised and translated, “Malt Whiskey Companion Revised 7th Edition” is the latest edition of the late Michael Jackson’s global bestseller that conveys the essence of malt whiskey. It is on sale at the “WHISKY MEW” site.

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