Shokutsu Co., Ltd. Sold out last year! ! We have prepared a limited set of 1,000 “Suppon Nabe” from the restaurant that won the Tabelog Award this year! Perfect for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s meals!

Shokutsu Co., Ltd.
Sold out last year! ! We have prepared a limited set of 1,000 “Suppon Nabe” from the restaurant that won the Tabelog Award this year! Perfect for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s meals!
From November 21st (Monday) to December 28th (Wednesday), a set of “Suppon Nabe” and “Suppon Supplement” will be sold.

The popular “Year-end Appreciation Set”, which sold out early last year, will be available again this year, although only 1,000 sets will be available! As a token of our gratitude for your patronage over the past year, this is a set that is bound to sell out, and includes the highest quality “Suppon Nabe” and the popular “Suppon Supplement”, which has sold over 1 million bags.
Get the taste that won the Tabelog Award for 6 consecutive years at the best value! “Year-end Appreciation Campaign”
[Image 1d44538-17-37ccdc6664f12cba3627-0.jpg&s3=44538-17-11641a92b1b6397eae0a3e2bea56cc50-1920x1005.jpg
As a token of our appreciation for the past year, we will be selling a special set for a limited time that comes with the supplement “Suppon no Megumi” that allows you to take in the nutrition of the Suppon on a daily basis at the price of only the “Suppon Nabe”. Suppon is rich in important nutrients such as vitamin E and calcium, including nine essential amino acids. It’s a nutritious ingredient, so it’s perfect as a year-end gift for your loved ones, or as a reward for yourself on a busy December.
■ Campaign period:
November 21, 2022 (Monday) to December 28, 2022 (Wednesday)
* Limited to 1,000 sets (ends when 1,000 sets are sold out even during the period)
■ Product name:
Year-end appreciation set (soft-shelled turtle hot pot + grace of soft-shelled turtle)
■ Sales site:
・ Restaurant Yamasa official EC site ( ・Other EC malls (Rakuten Ichiba, Amazon, etc.)
■Product details:
Fillet of soft-shelled turtle, soup stock for soft-shelled turtle hotpot, parboiled empera, shell for shell sake, Yamasa’s special ponzu sauce, homemade yuzu pepper, bounty of soft-shelled turtle
■ Price:
1. Soft-shelled turtle hot pot for 2 people (250g) + 1 bag of soft-shelled turtle: 6,800 yen (tax included)
2. 3 servings of soft-shelled turtle (400g) + 1 bag of soft-shelled turtle: 10,800 yen (tax included)
3. Soft-shelled turtle hotpot for 4-5 people (600g) + 1 bag of soft-shelled turtle: 13,800 yen (tax included)
* 2 and 3 will be delivered free of charge
The traditional “soft-shelled turtle hot pot” that has been loved for over 100 years
[Image 2d44538-17-312a61273fab6e207abc-1.png&s3=44538-17-93e0b4d0446d114f078a5b74b210cfc5-648x434.png
“Suppon Nabe” is said to be the last food that gourmets will come to. The traditional soft-shelled turtle hotpot that our restaurant has inherited for over 100 years has a unique and deep taste that penetrates the core of the body.
We are committed to the freshness of the finest softshell turtles from Kyushu and deliver them by refrigerated delivery, so you can easily enjoy the same softshell turtle nabe you would find at a Japanese restaurant at home. And our soft-shelled turtle hot pot is “mizutaki” style. It is our commitment to serve fresh soft-shelled turtles that have been carefully prepared by our chefs, so that you can enjoy them in “mizutaki” where you can directly feel the umami.
Suppon no Megumi, a supplement that sells over 1 million bags [Image 3d44538-17-00c926355d2c73a6a7e6-2.jpg&s3=44538-17-e39e02b6f786c34bf36e846495bc1190-1173x731.jpg
“I know that soft-shelled turtles are good, but I can’t eat them every day…” The “Suppon no Megumi” supplement was born from such customer feedback.
In addition to rich soft-shelled turtle collagen, which has now become commonplace among women, the rich nutrients contained in soft-shelled turtle, such as 19 kinds of amino acids that are essential for good health, are packed into one grain.
Combining the finest soft-shelled turtles made in Japan, it has been highly popular with women since its launch, and has sold more than 1 million bags in total.
Only the finest soft-shelled turtles are carefully selected
[Image 4d44538-17-399832f17bba656f4ebc-3.jpg&s3=44538-17-4661faecd0f99301c3ca89b0f9c19609-650x418.jpg
We use only the finest soft-shelled turtles that have accumulated plenty of nutrients over the course of about two years.
Also, beef and pork with yellow fat are generally said to be of low quality, but this is not the case with soft-shelled turtles. By slowly hibernating and repeating hibernation, good quality fat is stored, and the fat turns yellow as proof.
Our soft-shelled turtle has light meat similar to that of chicken and the fat found in high-quality fish.
That’s why we offer refrigerated delivery for our mail-order sales so that you can enjoy our products in a “fresh” state. This is because we want you to enjoy the same taste at home as you would at a restaurant. Immune-boosting food “Suppon”
[Image 5d44538-17-40ce8a076c8e20e7ba01-4.jpg&s3=44538-17-62cd299df58ef75e9c21540d5994bdc6-650x260.jpg
It has long been said that soft-shelled turtles are good for nutrition, but recent research has shown that one of the factors behind this effect is the well-balanced abundance of amino acids. Recently, the immunity of each person has become important, and orders for soft-shelled turtles are increasing as they are also attracting attention as “immunity-boosting ingredients”. Recently, it has also become popular as a beauty food, and the number of female customers at Japanese restaurants has been increasing since the old days. Soft-shelled turtle hot pot that continues to be loved
[Image 6d44538-17-4966486dae2391de9795-5.jpg&s3=44538-17-fa761c3e849e2561ae3b2008659b3a8a-650x400.jpg
The late Seicho Matsumoto, a great literary figure in the Showa period, almost always stopped by our restaurant when he visited Oita for research on ancient history or for interviews, and enjoyed the soft-shelled turtle cuisine. After getting sick, I was able to order it from the rest destination.
Our soft-shelled turtles are highly nutritious and high-quality ingredients, and are loved by many celebrities and customers, including Mr. Seicho, in various forms such as meals on sunny days, nutritious and beauty foods, and gifts for longevity.
History of Ryotei Yamasa
Our shop is located in the Ajimu Basin in Usa City, Oita Prefecture, which is blessed with abundant nature and spring water. In 1920, Sakutaro Yamagami, the founder of the restaurant, opened the Suppon restaurant at the urging of Mr. Kenjiro Kinoshita, a politician in the Taisho period who was also famous as a gourmet.
Kenjiro wrote in his best-selling book, Bimi Gushin, that Ajimu was the best place to grow top-quality soft-shelled turtles. It is written. Today, soft-shelled turtle dishes have become a specialty of Ajimu, but the history of soft-shelled turtles at Ajimu began with the birth of our restaurant. Thanks to you, we were able to celebrate our 100th anniversary at Ajimu, which has not changed since our founding. We will continue to change with the times while preserving good traditions so that we can continue to be patronized by local customers and customers all over the country.
Thoughts of Ryotei Yamasa
[Image 7d44538-17-8e6882ec2f1309ad669d-6.jpg&s3=44538-17-9e51679ea06a4374579ff7aa274501dd-650x380.jpg
Our shop is a restaurant specializing in soft-shelled turtles, located in Ajimu, Oita Prefecture, and has been in business for 102 years. About 10 years ago, based on the desire to “deliver energy and smiles through food,” we have been delivering soft-shelled turtle cuisine not only to customers at restaurants, but also to customers all over Japan through mail order. Recently, using SNS such as Instagram, it is said that soft-shelled turtle hot pot and soft-shelled turtle dishes are not only for special people such as politicians and celebrities, but are enjoyed by everyone from small children to grandparents. We are sending out what you can get.
Soft-shelled turtles have been loved by Japanese people since ancient times as a healthy ingredient. We want to deliver “energy” and “smiles” to all over Japan more than ever, precisely because we want to cherish our energy now.
Restaurant Yamasa Ryokan
Our restaurant is located 50 minutes by car from Oita Airport, in the Ajimu Basin, which is said to have been praised by the novelist Ryotaro Shiba as “the best view of the basin in Japan.” For dinner, we offer a menu unique to a specialty store, such as soft-shelled turtle hot pot, sashimi, fried chicken, salted eggs, grilled liver, and more. In order to make it easy for you to enjoy soft-shelled turtles, we offer not only evening course meals, but also “soft-shelled turtle set meals” during the day. We offer accommodation as well as meals, so you can use it as a base for sightseeing in Yufuin and Usa City. walking with the community
[Image 8d44538-17-044ac7931c73f47d77e7-7.jpg&s3=44538-17-6a6c1605c50c5c7b207a1ea4f49045b7-650x434.jpg
Ajimu is a place where soft-shelled turtle culture has taken root. There are many restaurants that serve soft-shelled turtle dishes, and there is a custom of eating soft-shelled turtles from children to the elderly. In order to pass on this tradition and culture to future generations, we are contributing to the succession of Ajimu’s soft-shelled turtle culture through “food education classes,” which teach children how to handle and eat soft-shelled turtles. In addition, we are working every day to expand and pass on the suppon culture, such as “Suppon Week” held throughout the region and opening a store at exhibitions.
Because our store started the history of Ajimu’s soft-shelled turtle, we would like to continue to run at the forefront as a bearer of cultural succession.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Ryotei Yamasa (Shokutsu Co., Ltd.)
Location: 2074 Shimoge, Ajimu-cho, Usa City, Oita Prefecture Representative: Norihiro Sakiyama, Representative Director
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