Shonan Fujisawa-based soccer club “Enoshima FC”, the first crown program “# Enoshima F Sea Radio” will start on Radio Shonan from November!

Shonan Fujisawa-based soccer club “Enoshima FC”, the first crown program “# Enoshima F Sea Radio” will start on Radio Shonan from November!

On Radio Shonan, the soccer club “Enoshima FC” based in Shonan Fujisawa will present the first program “Enoshima FC Radio” every Saturday from 16:00 (Sat 16: 00-16: 54). Please look forward to a fresh and lively hour that will be sent in a variety of corners such as excavation projects led by the program!
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From 16:00 on Saturday, November 5th, the soccer club “Enoshima FC” based in Shonan Fujisawa started the first crown program “# Enoshima F Sea Radio” every Saturday from 16:00.
From the Shonan Fujisawa region, which is a major source of youth culture in music, art, and sports, the members of Enoshima FC will support everyone who challenges themselves in the region in order to become a cultural hub where various viewpoints gather. It’s a nosy radio show. Please enjoy a fresh and lively hour that will be sent in a variety of corners such as excavation projects led by the program.

Program overview
■ Title
“#Enoshimaf Sea Radio”
■ Broadcast
Radio Shonan (FM83.1)
Listen on the app: Listen on PC:
■ Delivery
Scheduled to be delivered every Friday at 19:00 on Voicy and various podcasts (Sunday only for the first time)
■ Broadcast date and time
November 05, 2022 (Saturday) 4:00 p.m. to 4:54 p.m.
■Main MC
Ikitsuki Ayaka (1st and 3rd week)
Sasayuka (2nd and 4th weeks)
Naoki Shibao (WAVES #10)
Sumire Watanabe (SEAS #9)
Ruki Hirose (WAVES #14)
Rina Murata (SEAS #10)
■ Corner
Enoshima FC Magazine (Weekly)
The players themselves will passionately introduce the latest news and topics of Enoshima FC.
Reiwa NEW WAVE!! (Weekly)
Fresh Enoshima FC players discover groups and players who are challenging in the fields of music, sports and art as “New Wave”. We will invite them to the studio, dig deep into their passion, and support them.
Eno-1 (One) Grand Prix (at any time)
Shonan Fujisawa, a manufacturing town. Based on the idea of ​​“I want to praise people who are active in the community and are hard to focus on,” we hold auditions according to the theme every month, and listeners vote to determine the number one. (Enoshima FC theme song, Shonan athletes, strange feats, Shonan inventors, Ama divers, etc.) Shout out to Sagami Bay! (as needed)
The young people of Generation Z, who are said to be uncomfortable with stereotypes and prejudices, shout out their opinions that are usually difficult to say from the studio toward Sagami Bay.
Tsunagu Fujisawa (as needed)
We invited people who are active on the front lines of Shonan Fujisawa to learn about the attractions of the region together with the players. We aim for such cooperation.
Eat up, Shonan Fujisawa. (as needed)
Athletes visit spots in the Fujisawa area (restaurants, parks, famous places, schools, shopping streets, neighborhood associations, etc.) and report from the field.
Shonan Fujisawa Football! ! (as needed)
We will take up all kinds of soccer-related people in the Shonan Fujisawa area (elementary schools, club teams, club activities, soccer goods stores, soccer club advisors, supporters, etc.) and introduce their passion.
■We are looking for letters!!
Email address:
Eno Shimaf Sea Radio is looking for a lot of letters from listeners. Please send messages and questions to Enoshima FC players and messages to the program with your radio name.
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Comment from Yuta Hasama, Director and Owner of ENOSHIMAFC Co., Ltd. “Urban sports and marine sports are booming with the Olympics, and the Shonan Fujisawa area is full of young energy. In the midst of the neo-city pop trend, which is said to be a revival of the 1970s, it is said that there are issues such as the growth rate of the tourism market during the winter season, the aging of cultural players, and the employment rate of women. In this new challenge for Enoshima FC, “# Enoshima FC Radio”, we invite special guests from the Shonan Fujisawa region, which is the origin of youth culture in music, art and sports, to become a hub where various viewpoints gather. And, of course, we will develop an hour targeting young people as well as local people. We aim to spread the content from Shonan Fujisawa through SNS and create a creative new generation community. Along with Sasayuka, a hyper-fan culture creator active in Kanagawa, and sportscaster Tsukiho Haraishi, who used to be a weathercaster for tvk, from Fujisawa, the birthplace of culture, will become the first professional soccer club in Fujisawa City. As Enoshima FC, we will do our best to produce programs that represent the new generation. Thank you for your interest in Enoshimaf Sea Radio. 』
About Enoshima FC
Enoshima FC is a soccer club established in April 2020 and based in the Shoto region, which is centered on the Enoden line. In 2022, both the men’s and women’s teams will join the Kanagawa Prefectural Football League, with the men’s team aiming to advance to the J.League in 2030 and the women’s team aiming to challenge the Nadeshiko League in 2023.
With the mission of “Cultivate the World.” We not only manage sports teams, but also provide comprehensive support for realizing a world in which all challengers do not give up on their dreams due to external factors. We are actively supporting the promotion of culture with the aim of becoming a major platform for culture.
About Radio Shonan
Company name: Fujisawa FM Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Station name Radio Shonan
Representative Hideyuki Yamada
Date of establishment May 26, 1995
Location 〒251-0054 1-1 Asahi-cho, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture Fujisawa City Hall Annex Government Building 1F
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