Shonan Soy Studio Co., Ltd. “Fermented Burrito?!, Miso Latte?!” Cafe brand “SOY BREWERY” born from Sho nan’s fermented culture has entered the suburbs of Nakameguro for the first time for delivery only!

Shonan Soy Studio Co., Ltd.
“Fermented burrito?!, miso latte?!” Cafe brand “SOY BREWERY” born from Shonan’s fermented culture has entered the suburbs of Nakameguro for the first time for delivery only!

November 2022 lucky day
Shonan Soy Studio Co., Ltd.
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Shonan Soy Studio Co., Ltd. (head office: Oiso-machi, Naka-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture), which develops next-generation natto “SOYFFEE”, and norm. Co., Ltd., which provides private hotels with the concept of art and chill (head office: Yamanashi Prefecture). The cafe “SOY BREWERY” in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, which is operated by Fujikawaguchiko-cho, Minamitsuru-gun, opened this spring. FAST FOOD (green fast food)” will be developed for the first time in the Nakameguro area for delivery only in collaboration with Maruichi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo), which operates a food delivery business in Tokyo.
■ What is “SOY BREWERY”?
A takeout cafe with the concept of healthy, sustainable and art  SOY BREWERY is a take-out cafe that started in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture in April 2022 with the concept of healthy, sustainable, and art. We are developing and developing menus centered on soybeans and fermentation. The Chigasaki Main Store is mainly used by people in their 20s to 40s who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At the store, the menu is mainly composed of plant-based drinks such as soy latte and soy tea latte, and “GREEN FAST FOOD”, which is healthy to be served fast with food that is filling. I’m here.
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Image of Chigasaki Main Store
■ What is “GREEN FAST FOOD”?
Plant-based menu centered on soybeans and fermentation
The menu consists of soy foods that represent Japan, such as natto, miso, edamame, and soy meat. “Fermented burrito” is a dish that contains many kinds of vegetables, brown rice, and homemade sauce, as well as next-generation natto (= soyfie) developed in-house. “Miso Latte” is a drink made by adding soy milk to a base of miso prepared by a fermentation specialist, using dashi made from kelp and bonito flakes.
These menus contain nutritional value such as protein, which is essential for building the body, and natto bacteria, which can be expected to have an intestinal effect. Protein, which tends to be deficient on a daily basis, can be easily ingested as food with one hand. In addition, because it uses a lot of soy products, it is characterized by the fact that you can easily enjoy the “feeling of fullness” that is indispensable in the concept of fast food. A menu that has been a hot topic in the Shonan area, TV and magazines will start around Nakameguro Station for delivery only.
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▼ Product name: “Fermented burrito” 3 flavors
▼ Sales start: Tuesday, November 29
▼ Sales location: Uber Eats Nakameguro area “SOY BREWERY”
▼Price: 1080 yen each (tax included)
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▼ Product name: “Miso Latte”
▼ Sales start: Tuesday, November 29
▼ Sales location: Uber Eats Nakameguro area “SOY BREWERY”
▼Price: 640 yen (tax included)
■ Why from Chigasaki to Tokyo
19th place of relocation chosen by people who left the 23 wards due to the corona disaster
Chigasaki City is the top in the nation for child-rearing generation ratio (25-44 years old) with 65.4%
“SOY BREWERY”, which started in April 2022, has been used and operated mainly by people in their 20s to 40s who live in Chigasaki City and strive for a healthy lifestyle. In this town, where there is a lot of nature such as the sea and fields, there are many people, especially those of child-rearing age, who live with a strong awareness of health and a sustainable society. It is a brand that has grown with the support of such people. On the other hand, recently, I have the impression that not only locals but also young couples who have moved from Tokyo are using the facilities. When I talked to customers at the store, they said that they moved in search of nature and leeway due to changes in lifestyles such as health and adapting to remote work due to the corona sickness.
We have gained support from such new demographics, and the demand for our menu, which we have developed so that more people will naturally choose plant-based foods as one of their dietary choices, has increased. I’ve come to realize that there may be potential people in Tokyo.
For people living in Tokyo who are interested in outdoor lifestyles such as the sea and fields, but cannot take the big action of moving, we thought that we would like you to enjoy the food experience of our brand even in Tokyo. First of all, we decided to advance into Tokyo in the form of delivery.
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■ The background behind creating “GREEN FAST FOOD”
Bringing plant-based closer to you
Shonan Soy Studio Co., Ltd., which started SOY BREWERY, has been working on development for about three years since its establishment so that more people can enjoy fermented soy foods. We have released products such as coffee-flavored natto and spice furikake containing natto bacteria. Many of our customers were interested in “soy protein” and “fermentation”, and at the same time, there were vegans and people who regularly consume a lot of plant-based foods. And the number of people with this attribute is increasing year by year.
Changes in population following a vegan diet in Japan:
[Image 9

Source: 2nd Japanese Vegetarian, Vegan and Flexitarian Population Survey by Vegewel
On the other hand, vegan food has benefits in various aspects such as the global environment, health, and beauty, but if you look at restaurants that sell it, it is mainly salads in the high price range, and many people try it. I noticed that there are hurdles in price and satisfaction.
In order to solve such a sense of issue, 1. use fermented soybean food developed in-house as raw materials, 2. standardize processes and build supply chains that make use of know-how as a manufacturer, 3. take out. “GREEN FAST FOOD (TM)” is designed to allow more people to enjoy plant-based foods naturally as one of the easy and convenient dietary options by reducing operating costs in the style. was born. How GREEN FAST FOOD(TM) is realized:
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■ About Shonan Soy Studio Co., Ltd.
Shonan Soy Studio Co., Ltd. was established in Oiso-machi, Naka-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture, with the aim of rebranding, developing, manufacturing, and selling traditional Japanese foods centered on soybeans. Our goal is to contribute to reducing the opportunity gap created by the environment of the place where we were born and raised, and to achieve the desire to spread the traditional Japanese food with high nutritional value to the world.
[Image 12d100536-3-d6f9072f65dbc91631af-11.jpg&s3=100536-3-d495f9a85196294de63257e63c777361-593x400.jpg
■ About “SOYFFEE”
Next generation natto. We mainly manufacture coffee-flavored natto and spice furikake containing natto bacteria.
It is a fermented soybean food made from large soybeans and pure Arabica coffee beans, flavored with a unique method, and fermented with Bacillus natto.
[Image 13d100536-3-2bf549378d3ab0b47a91-12.jpg&s3=100536-3-8092fa6d2a0ee21b6cf1906a14e936f3-431x431.jpg
■ About norm.
norm. Co., Ltd. is a chartered hotel where only one group can stay and enjoy art exhibitions. It was designed so that you can spend a luxurious time with your loved ones in a space that does not interact with an unspecified number of people. While studying at a university in New York, the members were fascinated by how people use space and time.
[Image 14d100536-3-47394a90700d05a9dcd5-13.jpg&s3=100536-3-3c4e78dc8997b59f8e3bc5fb8fea0267-654x447.jpg
■ About Maruichi Co., Ltd.
A planning company that engages in various businesses based on the creative/planning skills cultivated in the advertising communication field. In recent years, while running a membership bar (details are not disclosed due to referral system) in Nakameguro, it has also entered the food delivery business. By chance, I met norm. Co., Ltd. and Shonan Soy Studio Co., Ltd., and are supporting SOY BREWERY’s expansion into Tokyo.
Brand name: SOY BREWERY
Store name: SOY BREWERY Chigasaki Main Store | Soy Brewery
Location: 2-8-16 Higashikaigankita, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture 253-0053 (10 minutes walk from JR Chigasaki Station)
TEL: 070-8534-6576
Business hours: 8:00-16:00 (closes when sold out)
Regular holiday: Sunday
Details about this release:

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