Shufu no Tomo Infos Co., Ltd. All swimsuit gravure magazine “STRiKE!” 8th edition! Sumire Yokono appears o n the cover for the first time!

Shufunotomo Infos Co., Ltd.
All swimsuit gravure magazine “STRiKE!” Vol.8! Sumire Yokono appears on the cover for the first time!

“Strike your heart!”
The first volume will be released in October 2020, and in August 2021, a whole collaboration issue with Platinum Production “Platinum STRiKE! ], the gravure magazine “STRiKE!”
The eighth installment, “STRiKE! The 8th inning” will be released on Friday, December 16, 2022!
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On the cover, Sumire Yokono, who has returned with a power-up and is the “strongest BODY in the history of idols”, appears with fullness! In April of this year, she announced her affiliation with Zeroichi Familia. After that, Sumire Yokono returned to gravure for the first time in about a year and a half. This time, we will challenge the emotional gravure, which starts with spending rambling days and eventually puts the determination to move forward strongly into the story. Delivered in a super-large volume of 26 pages!
If you make a reservation or purchase at Seven Net Shopping, HMV&BOOKS online,, or the Shosen Group, you will receive a 2L size bromide of Sumire Yokono with a different design for a limited number of copies as a bonus.
In addition, the gravure on the back cover and the end of the book is Shida Shida, who is currently appearing in “Kamen Rider Geez” and “Mezamashi TV” after breaking out as a “too cute female college student”, and the inside gravure has a powerful BODY as a weapon this year. Miyuka Minami, an active high school girl who has just made her gravure debut, Yuka Suzuki, who is gaining momentum after releasing her 1st photo book “Do you want to be deceived?” An actress and influencer, Anyu Okuma, and Airi Sugimoto, who is also a member of “18” and is attractive for her tall stature and outstanding style, has appeared!
Popular girls who are active on the front lines of gravure magazines, idol magazines, manga magazines, etc. are posted in an oversized volume of more than 20 pages each. Of course, all cuts, new shots that can only be seen here!
“STRiKE!”, which started from the top of the first inning, is finally the 8th issue. It is a permanent preservation version that STRiKE GiRLS of 6 people running through the times decorates the magazine! [Appearance]
Sumire Yokono (photo by HIROKAZU)
Shida Onne (photographed by Yuichi Sato)
Miyuka Minami (photographed by Ryoma Kano)
Yuka Suzuki (photo by Kazunori Fujimoto)
Anyu Okuma (photographed by Yu Tokyo)
Airi Sugimoto Rin (photo by Hiroyuki Sato)
◇Purchase benefits by store
If you reserve and purchase at the following bookstores and online bookstores, you will receive a limited bromide with a different pattern as a bonus.
・Seven Net Shopping Limited Bonus A: Yokono Sumire 2L size Bromide A with 1 piece
・ Seven Net Shopping Limited Bonus B: Sumire Yokono 2L size bromide B with 1 piece
・HMV & BOOKS online limited bonus: Sumire Yokono 2L size bromide C with 1 sheet
・ exclusive bonus: Sumire Yokono 2L size bromide D with 1 piece
・Shosen Group Limited Bonus: Sumire Yokono 2L size bromide E with 1 sheet
* The pattern will be released later.
Book title “STRiKE! Top of the 8th inning
List price: 1,760 yen (tax included)
Release: Friday, December 16, 2022
Format: A4 size
Number of pages: 140 pages
ISBN: 9784074533459
The latest information is STRiKE! Check the official Twitter-@StrikeMook-!

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