Shufu no Tomo Infos Co., Ltd. Tickets for “Hina Tachibana’s Mokomoko Gaming-Mokomoko Fes-” held on Satur day, December 10th will be on sale from 10:00 on Saturday, November 19th!

Shufunotomo Infos Co., Ltd.
General ticket sales for “Hina Tachibana’s Mokomoko Gaming ~ Mokomoko Fes ~” held on December 10th (Sat) will start at 10:00 on November 19th (Sat)!

Game variety program “Hina Tachibana’s Moko Moko Gaming” (Mokoge), which is being distributed on, will be held on December 10th (Sat)! General ticket sales will start at 10:00 on Saturday, November 19th. On the day of the event, the cast will show off their pajamas!
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“Tachibana Hina’s Mokomoko Gaming” (Mokoge) is a game variety program being distributed on delivered by voice actress Hina Tachibana wearing cute room wear. Mokoge’s first real event will finally be held on Saturday, December 10th! On the day of the event, not only the personality Hina Tachibana, but also the guests Yukari Anzai, Sosui Matsuda, and Megu Umezawa showed off their pajamas! Tickets for such a “mokomokona” event will go on general sale from 10:00 on Saturday, November 19th. There are also event-limited merchandise purchase benefits, so please come and visit the venue♪ Ticket sales page: ■Holding information
Date: Saturday, December 10, 2022
open time:
[Daytime] Open: 12:00 / Start: 13:00 / End: 14:30 (planned)
[Night] Open: 16:00 / Start: 17:00 / End: 18:30 (planned)
Venue: Zendentsu Hall (3-6 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062) Starring: Hina Tachibana
Afternoon guests: Yukari Anzai, Sosui Matsuda
Evening guests: Yukari Anzai, Megu Umezawa
■ Ticket price
Normal seat – 6,600 yen (tax included)
Event goods information
Introducing some of the event goods. Other goods will be released from time to time. We have prepared a lot of goods, so please look forward to it♪
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Bromide set (3 sheets/2 types)
550 yen (tax included) / 1 set
[Image 3

mokoge mug cup
2,500 yen (tax included)
H20mm, W30mm
[Image 4

Fluffy bath salt (iris scent)
700 yen (tax included)
Approximately 100mm x 140mm (25g included)
*This product is sold only at the Shufunotomo Inos online shop. *Limited number
…and more coming soon!
What is “Hina Tachibana’s Fluffy Gaming”?
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“Tachibana Hina’s Mokomoko Gaming” is a game variety program being distributed on where popular female voice actress Hina Tachibana wears cute room wear. In addition to Tachibana’s solo play, you can also enjoy multiplayer with your fans! In addition to the game, there are plenty of fun tricks, such as the studio set steadily leveling up with the points earned in the variety part! “Let’s create a wonderful space just for you and Tachibana-san♪”
Channel page: Program Official Twitter: Past broadcast digest video
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