Shufunotomo Co., Ltd. I made it while I was sleeping! A new recipe book that “dramatically makes it easier ” to make difficult lunches with an electric pressure cooker

Shufunotomo Co., Ltd.
I was able to do it while I was sleeping! A new recipe book that “dramatically makes it easier” to make difficult lunches with an electric pressure cooker

Shufunotomosha Co., Ltd. announced on November 21, 2022 (Monday) that cooking researcher Aki Ueshima will make a “easy morning bento life with an electric pressure cooker”
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Aki Ueshima, who is also a heavy user, suggested the recipe
The author, Mr. Ueshima, has been using an electric pressure cooker for eight years. A heavy user who uses it almost every day. As he used it, he came up with a usage method of “set ingredients at night before going to bed → pressure cooking → automatic heat retention → take out in the morning”. This book is an arrangement of this method, which was originally for breakfast and lunch for families who work from home, for lunch boxes.
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A two-item bento box with a main dish and a simple side dish in an electric pressure cooker
This book introduces a two-item bento. The main dish (main side dish) is made with an electric pressure cooker. There are two types of side dishes (sub-side dishes): 1. Put the ingredients in a plastic bag and rub them 2. Lentin.
Substantial side dishes are also the appeal of this book
If you prepare a side dish just before going to bed, the ingredients will be in a plastic bag and the flavor will be soaked in by morning. Lightly pickled vegetables, marinade, marinade, salad style. Lentin is a side dish that is heated in the microwave. It is devised to be as easy and delicious as possible and suitable for bento.
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A bento is ready when you pack the main dish and side dish.
[Image 5

Carrot pork and zucchini pancakes.
[Image 6

Marinated pulled pork and paprika.
[Image 7

Pork and radish bak kut teh style and turnip and sakura shrimp som tam style. [Image 8

Chicken ball minestrone and lentin sweet potato salad.
Lunch boxes that use the low temperature cooking function and lunch boxes heated for 3 minutes in the morning
In addition, this book also introduces lunch boxes using salad chicken, roasted pork, roast beef, homemade oil tuna made with low temperature cooking function, and lunch boxes that are set in an electric pressure cooker in the morning and pressure cooked → steam exhausted. While I mainly use chunks of meat for the dishes that I set before going to bed, I devised a way to quickly prepare thinly sliced ​​meat for the bento that is heated in the morning.
from low temperature cooking
[Image 9

salad chicken.
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Part 1 Easy breakfast lunch life in the morning with an electric pressure cooker that is ready while you sleep
Part 2: Soup jar bento made in an electric pressure cooker while you sleep Part 3 Full use of the low-temperature cooking function of an electric pressure cooker Depachika, deli-style bento
Part 4 Time-saving bento made with speed cooking that heats up for 3 minutes in the morning
Author information
Aki Ueshima
Culinary researcher. Qualified as Junior Athlete Food Meister, Bread Instructor, and Dietary Education Advisor. He presides over the cooking class “A’s Table” at his home in Kanagawa Prefecture. He has a wide range of areas of expertise, from casual home cooking to hospitality cuisine, bread and confectionery, and has solid skills. Popular for his dishes full of ideas rooted in everyday life, he is also active in the media, mainly in women’s magazines and books. He also provides and supervises recipes for cafes and companies. His books include “One-minute frozen preparation that doesn’t require hard work” (Natsumesha), “Replacement side dishes that say ‘Make it again!'” (Ikeda Shoten), and “So delicious! Wrench recipe” (Seibido Publishing), “Easy even for the first time! A great recipe for an electric pressure cooker that makes everyday life easier”
(Shufunotomosha) and many others.
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