Shufunotomo Co., Ltd. Release commemorative campaign Hot topic from the time of reservation! An introductory book on the popular handicraft “Sashiko” is finally on sale

Shufunotomo Co., Ltd.
[Release commemorative campaign also] Hot topic from the time of reservation! An introductory book on the popular handicraft “Sashiko” is finally on sale
Shufunotomosha Co., Ltd. has released “Sashiko no Kihon”
( on November 25, 2022 (Friday).

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Sashiko is a popular handicraft now. It’s easy, and if you embroider a pattern that wishes for happiness, your heart will be healed and your life will be enriched.
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Sashiko, one of the traditional Japanese embroidery, is gaining popularity. It’s easy to try because it’s just a series of stitches, and you only need three tools: cloth, thread, and a needle. Recently, the number of colorful sashiko threads has increased, and the younger generation of fans are also increasing. Needless to say, sashiko dish towels are useful in a variety of situations in daily life, and are truly items of “beauty of use,” as they are useful in a variety of situations in daily life.
This book introduces 46 types of traditional sashiko patterns and creative patterns made on dish towels.
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Each colorful pattern has a name such as “Hana Tsunagi”, “Ayasashi”, and “Nagare Manji”, and many of them are auspicious patterns called “Auspicious patterns”. In the frontispiece, 12 patterns selected by the author were introduced with beautiful photographs along with the origin of the patterns. For example, the kasane tortoise shell, which is sewn into the cloth on the cover, is said to have been sewn by the mother as a wedding tool, wishing for the happiness of her daughter, by overlapping the tortoise shell, which is a symbol of longevity, with an ikebata wishing for the safety of her family. . That feeling is still connected to the present day, and it seems that each time a needle is pricked, happiness is drawn, and many people seem to be healed.
Thoroughly introduce the basics of sashiko in all colors
Sashiko can be easily embroidered by people who are not good at sewing or people who are clumsy. This book introduces the basics for such people to sting beautifully without hesitation. First of all, I will carefully explain how to choose materials and tools.
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In the [Introduction to Sashiko] chapter, materials such as sashiko thread and exposed cotton, and tools such as sashiko needles are introduced.
Next, we explain in detail how to prepare the cloth, how to make a dishcloth, how to draw a design, how to operate a needle, how to embroider a pattern, etc. with many color photographs.
46 traditional and creative stitching methods are introduced in an easy-to-understand manner with illustrations and photos.
In the next chapter [How to embroider 46 patterns], full-size designs, how to draw designs, how to embroider, and points for beautiful embroidering are explained in all colors for each pattern. The needlework introduced here can be divided into the following two types.
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[Motozashi] is a sashiko that is stitched along the drafted design line. Introducing 25 items such as layered tortoiseshell, cross-connection, tasukiboshi, child-bearing cloisonne, ladder mountain road, nare swastika, octagonal yose, and six-handed basket.
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[1st stabbing] is a stabbing along the grid line.
Introducing 21 items such as rice sashimi, flower sashimi, tooth pattern, tortoiseshell flower pattern, tower tree, zenigata kuzushi, and twill sashimi.
Design and instruction is Yukiko Ichiki, a seasonal sashiko artist. The “modern Japanese” works, which are introduced on Instagram under the account name of twoknot, are popular on SNS and online courses, while making the most of the Japanese taste while adding a modern sense.
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This work is a long-awaited book debut.
It has become a gem that contains the message, “It is a rich and encouraging time to embroider each needle while loving the cloth and thread.” At the start of pre-orders, many orders were received at online bookstores, and it has been attracting attention to the extent that it has won first place in the embroidery and sashiko genre.

Special campaign to commemorate the release!
To commemorate the release of the new book, it will be specially released for a limited time on the Kindle Unlimited service on the Amazon site. If you are an Amazon Kindle member, you can read it at no additional charge within the membership fee. If you want to start sashiko at the end of the year, please feel free to read it. From December 10, 2022 to January 10, 2023, so don’t miss it.
Author information
Yukiko Ichiki: Sashiko artist. Born in Shizuoka prefecture.
He encountered sashiko in 2012, studied it on his own, and started working as an artist in 2019, making use of the techniques he had cultivated. The artist’s name, twoknot, comes from the desire to “expand knots through sashiko.” While presiding over workshops and sashiko classes, he is expanding his activities such as providing works to magazines and online lessons.
Bibliographic information
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-Title: [Sashiko Basics]
Price: 1650 yen (tax included)
-Release date: Friday, November 25, 2022
-Format: B5 size, 112P
●ISBN: 978-4-07-452305‐4
Publisher: Shufunotomosha
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