Shufunotomosha Co., Ltd. Dental treatment that was so evolving! All teeth and mouth problems can be solved! A must-read for dental patients and all dental professionals

Shufunotomo Co., Ltd.
Dental treatment has evolved so much! All teeth and mouth problems can be solved! A must-read for dental patients and all dental
Dentists who are active at the forefront of dental treatment carefully explain the latest dental information from their respective positions. A complete understanding of the ever-evolving world of dentistry!
Shufunotomosha Co., Ltd. introduces the forefront of dental treatment, “The power of happy dentistry 13 super doctors who change medicine from the oral cavity” ( It was released on “Good Teeth Day” on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.
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“The power of dentistry to make you happy”
The power of dentistry is the power of dental treatment to maintain and improve the functions of the mouth.
Our mouth has the basic functions of “eating” and “speaking”. The function of eating is important not only for obtaining nutrients and building a strong body, but also for enjoying meals every day. In addition, the ability to speak is essential for feeling the joy of interacting with people.
In addition, correct breathing, posture, and rich and attractive facial expressions are actually supported by the power of the mouth. The function of the mouth is the foundation for living a healthy life while feeling happy.
Oral function (oral function) and oral health (oral health) are now attracting a great deal of attention as basic elements that support the health of the whole body.
The key to good health is to nurture oral function at a dental clinic from a young age, maintain oral health through regular visits into adulthood, and eat by mouth for the rest of one’s life.
In other words, skillful use of the “power of dentistry” can be said to be the key to surviving in good health in the future society. In this book, dentists who lead dental practice in Japan introduce various “dental powers”. I’m sure you’ll find the power you need. Dentists who are active at the forefront of dental treatment offer their own unique perspectives such as “medical care that is close to you” and “the latest treatment methods.”
I will kindly explain.
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Mr. Satoshi Aoki (Director of Aoki Dental Clinic) explaining the importance of tooth alignment and bite
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Mr. Masahiro Koyasu (Director of Nakameguro Koyasu Dental Clinic) explaining the importance of preventive dentistry
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Mr. Toshiyuki Kitamichi (Director of Kitamichi Dental Clinic) explains a technique that greatly reduces retreatment.
13 super doctors appearing in this book
1. “Nursing medical care” is the duty of dentistry!
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All Dental Japan Representative Director Dentist / Hideaki Kinoshita 2. “Occlusion” which is the basis of all treatments
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Aoki Dental Clinic [Director] / Satoshi Aoki
3. The true value of “CAD/CAM” that reduces retreatment
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Kitamichi Dental Clinic [Director] / Toshiyuki Kitamichi
4. “In-hospital clinical education” that conveys high skills and professionalism [Image 8

Komuro Dentistry Kintetsu Abeno Harukas Clinic [Director/Chairman]/Akira Komuro 5. “Dietary guidance and whitening” to eliminate the causes of tooth decay and periodontal disease
[Image 9

Nakameguro Koyasu Dental Clinic [Director]/Masahiro Koyasu
6. “Preventive correction” that develops children’s abilities to the fullest [Image 10

Iwai Green Dentistry [Director]/Kenjiro Sakamoto
7. To realize seamless medical care
[Image 11

Sakoda Dental Clinic [Director/Chairman] Satoshi Sakoda
8. “Zirconia” evolved with CAD/CAM
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Joto Dental Clinic [Director/Chairman of Hojukai Medical
Corporation]/Hiroki Sato
9. Forefront of “home-visit medical care” that supports comprehensive community care
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Medical Corporation Sakurakai Group Visiting Dental Clinic / Dentist / Masahiro Shiga
10. Near-future orthodontics using AI “Power of Invisalign”
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Mitaka Heartful Orthodontic Clinic [Director] / Mina Shimoda 11. “Endodontic treatment” by a specialist is the last bastion of infection prevention
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Takabayashi Dental Office Tokyo [Director] / Masayuki Takabayashi 12. Dentistry as a community health education and health center [Image 16

Nakai Dental Clinic [Director] / Michiyo Nakai
13. “Implant treatment” in the 100-year life era
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Nakamura Dental Clinic [Vice Director/Chairman]/Takehito Nakamura Author profile
Hideaki Kinoshita: Representative Director of All Dental Japan Co., Ltd. (Joint) Dentist, Doctor of Dentistry Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo Dental University in 2007. On April 18, 2018, he established All Dental Japan Co., Ltd., a membership platform for dental
professionals. Utilizing the knowledge of dental materials and equipment cultivated in the dental science and engineering course, he is active as a CADCAM-related seminar lecturer and a dental materials YouTuber called “SHIKAKIN”.
Shoji Hirota: Representative Director of All Dental Japan Co., Ltd. (Joint) Born in Hokkaido. Completed the first half of the doctoral course at Rikkyo University Graduate School of Business Design (MBA: Master of Business Administration). In 2021, he assumed the position of Representative Director of All Dental Japan Co., Ltd. We have supported more than 3,000 medical institutions so far. His major publications include “Medical Marketing” (Nikkei BP), “Dental Clinic Management Improvement Program” (Quintessence Publishing),
“Recruitment, Recruitment & Training, Retention Manual” (Dental Diamond), “Personal Branding” (AI Publishing), There is “Dentist Revival Battle” (Gendai Shorin).
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“The power of dentistry to make you happy: 13 super doctors who change medicine from the oral cavity”
Title: The power of dentistry to make you happy
Authors: Hideaki Kinoshita, Shoji Hirota
List price: 1650 yen (10% tax included)
Release date: Tuesday, November 8, 2022
Format, number of pages: 46 size (128 x 188) 208 pages
ISBN: 978-4-07-453440-1
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